Enemy of the state !

Someone lost their mother, someone lost their child, someone lost their sibling and someone was left to mourn the death of their loved ones for the rest of their lives with the haunting images of that fateful night. The night when a peaceful gathering of villagers was ambushed and were shot at. Those who were killed were the lucky one’s, those who were left behind are the unlucky one’s. ( Read Union Tribal Affairs Minister Kishore Chandra Deo views )

The Blame Game:
But I wouldn’t blame the CRPF or the government for this. Its entirely the fault of the tribals. It’s their fault that they are tribals, it’s their fault they got themselves involved in the crossfire between the army, the police and the Maoists. The tribals had so many options to have avoided the brutal killings of the fateful night. They could have joined the police and become an informer or join the army and be a part of green hunt or join the Maoists and become the enemy of the state. Instead they chose to be just tribals, poor innocent tribals waiting to be killed.

I would still not blame the CRPF nor the government since the tribals were in the dark, how are they supposed to recognize who the Maoists were ? The CRPF didn’t know that there are such things as night vision goggles, even if they knew it would have costed lot of money to procure them.The government couldn’t have wasted that kind of money on the ordinary and worthless tribals, they have far more important things where they could spend this money such as going on educational tours, international conferences, seminars and decide the future of the country.

I would still blame the tribals , why did they not have the street lights or why did they not publicize their gathering in the local cable tv or why did they not inform their friendly neighborhood policemen about their gathering.

The Loop holes in the official story:
1) If indeed there were Maoists, then knowing that the armed forces are combing the forests, wouldn’t they be prepared for such operations and be more vigilant. They would have been casualties on either side.
2) The armed forces couldn’t have been at the gathering without any prior intelligence reports from their sources. How could they then not know who was a Maoist and who was a villager. After all these are all small villages where everyone knows everyone else
3) official story also says that they were shot at because it was completely dark and the armed forces had no way to know who was who. Well, if the intent was to carry out such an operation under the disguise of darkness, shouldn’t they have been prepared.

Of course I’m no expert and this is purely my interpretation of things. It almost seems as if the govt needed to do something, show some results (good or bad), prove to their ego that something is being done to fight the Maoists.

Who said what ?
The media reported that this is the biggest operation against Maoists in the recent past in the first couple of hours this incident took place. And when the official story was changed after multiple iterations, the media stopped coverage
on this.

  • Prime Minister said nothing
  • Chidambaram said “I’m deeply sorry”
  • The opposition at the center didn’t question the ruling party since they were the ruling party in the state
  • Those who do write about it, talk about it, protest about it, fight about it are either locked up in the jail or forced out of the state.

If Maoists are working for the tribals, the police and the government is working for the tribals, I can’t understand the need for any bloodshed. I don’t know anymore who is protecting who, who is fighting for what and who is the real enemy of the state is ?

Listen to Himanshu Kumar on Dantewada, Chattisgarh : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUMepgz9cs4&feature=g-all-u


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