Orphanage in Araku

Even the beautiful lush green Araku valley, one of the pristine tourist destinations in India, also known for it’s indigenous tribal diversity, couldn’t escape the harsh reality of life. Pratyusha Children’s orphanage is home for 34 girl children between the ages of 6 and 16 years of age. All these kids belong to the villages of Hukumpet Mandal.

This is an open challenge for us, an open challenge for our abilities on how as responsible individuals we can help secure the future of 34 kids. Agreed, this is not the last time we will be facing this challenge, but we can do something to solve this one. And may be the 34 kids we help today, will help another 34 kids tomorrow. So let’s put our best of efforts and show our kids how we take care of other kids who are less fortunate then us. Let’s show our kids what social responsibility is all about.

Araku can be made beautiful for everyone, not just for the tourists, but for the local tribals and even the orphans as well. It’s not the fault of the kids that they are orphans, then why should they suffer and more importantly why should we let them suffer !

So come join the Pratyusha Family   ( or click here : https://groups.google.com/forum/?fromgroups#!forum/pratyusha-orphanage ) !

You can help by donating

  • food
  • clothes
  • books, uniforms, shoes, bags , any other schooling material
  • or simply donate the money

Background of the Orphanage

The orphanage was originally started in 2008, but those in charge of the organization soon realized how daunting a task it was and after 2 years, they abandoned the orphanage. If not for TERDS (Tribal Educational and Rural Development Society), a local NGO, who took over the orphanage, the girls would have been on the streets or even worse. And thanks largely to Mr K. Venkata Rao, the founder secretary, a tribal himself for keeping the organization alive ever since.

Who is coordinating the activities at the ground level ?

For the past 2 years, Mr Venkata Rao from TERDS and Ganesh Pogula, the Honey Bee AP coordinator, have been stretching beyond their means and resources to ensure the orphanage runs without any disruptions. They are two individuals who have an impeccable reputation of honesty and integrity and have dedicated their lives for the benefit of the society.  TERDS, as an organization under the leadership of Venkata Rao has undertaken many initiatives such as

  • Empowerment of Primitive Tribal Groups (PTGs)
  • Strengthening Gram Sabhas
  • Vana Samrakshana samithi
  • Grain bank initiative
  • Provision of drinking water – gravity method in 5 villages
  • Tribal education- 7 schools with 243 students are being run at present
  • First to form SHG and thrift programmer – now mentoring 27 groups with 1560 members
  • Creation of health facilities – covered  94 Villages
  • Nominated by the Govt  for proper implementation and advice for Mahatma Gandhi Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme in 6 Mandals
  • Convener for state PTGs  (8 Groups) for coordinating the implementation of Govt  programmes.

The lives of 34 girl children are at stake. It’s not easy to find credible organizations doing credible work. And the team But here we have both and with our timely help, we can not just help the girls have proper education, but also have a bright and beautiful future as beautiful as the Araku Valley.

What is the current requirement ? Below are the estimates per year, given by Venkata Rao garu

  • Accommodation 3 lakhs
  • Food 5 lakhs
  • Education 2 lakhs
  • Health 1.50 lakhs
  • Vocational training  0.50 lakhs
  • Administration 2  lakhs
  • Total 14.00
  • Or in other words Rs 3000 per child per month all inclusive for sustenance.

How to send the money ?

  • You can send money in favour of  “TERDS”
  • State bank of India, Araku, Dist Visakhapatnam
  • Branch Code    :- 08828
  • A/c No               :  11704814613
  • IFS Code            : SBIN0008828
  • Swift Code          : SBININBB123
  • SBI Overseas Bank Visakhapatnam Branch
  • IT Sec 80 G applicable
  • TERDS registered under IT Act Sec 120 AA
  • Contact no: +919490546405, +918936249135
  • Email: terdsngo@gmail.com

Contributions to TERDS are exempted from Income tax under Sec 80 G and support from abroad is authorized by the Govt under FCRA.


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