I wish to be a kid, yet again !

When I was a kid, I had a solution for everything.

I wanted to play cricket with my friends out in the open. No space no problem. I played gulli cricket

I wanted a different color jersey so we can identify players from different teams during our practice football games. Not enough money, no problem. One team played with jerseys and the other did not.

I wanted to play hockey but no hockey stick. No problem, I used a stick from a tree that looked like a hockey stick

I wanted to repair the football as the stitches of between the patches opened up. No money no problem. Learnt how to stitch it and had the football repaired in no time

I wanted to take part in the colony celebrations of the big Ganesh. We were not allowed since we were kids. No problem. We made our Ganesha with clay and had our own mandap and our own procession

I wanted to watch amitabh movies. I had no tv. No problem. I sneaked into my friends house and watched non stop amitabh movies over the weekends.

Needed money for our football expenses. No income, no problem. Ended up making paper bags with newspapers and selling it to the local kirana store.

I didn’t have a wide choice of kites for sankratri. Ran after the kites that were cut and caught them. Had so many kites after that there was not enough time to fly all of them

I never went to a concert as a kid, actually didn’t know anything about a concert. But I went to the live orchestra in the Durga temple and that too free of cost.

I never had the combination of a light blue jeans and white shirt. No problem, my friends brother did

I had a solution for everything because I was free to think on my own, act on my own. except the occasional
fear of what my father would say, I pretty much had a carefree childhood. The only 3 biggest worries I had were exams, exams and exams.

I didn’t blog about when I got caught stealing a mango from our neighbors mango tree and few other similar incidents 🙂 but even today I boast of my childhood and the excitement it gave me all throughout. I sometimes even feel very nostalgic and even miss my childhood days and it’s enthusiasm.

I wish I could generalize this and say all the kids would miss their childhood whey they grow up. There are millions of kids who felt they rather not have a childhood and probably were born as adults or even worse, they were never born.

There is no denying the fact that the society played a big role in contributing to my childhood, so when a child is born into a poor family or when a child becomes orphan, why should the child suffer for no fault is his or her ? What role should I play, what role should the society play in ensuring that kid has a normal childhood, at least to the extent possible.

Once we start asking these questions instead of why should I or why should the society, all these kids, when they grow up, for sure will miss their childhood and will say “I wish to be a kid, yet again !“.

pictures source: Usha Revelli


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