24×7 news should be called 24×7 Gossip

There have been some very big news, some of which i listed below, that have been conveniently ignored, grossly mis represented and sometimes even victims were represented as the assailants

  • Assam – The Invisible Riots
  • Bhopal – The disaster that never happened
  • Chattisgarh – Tribals, The displaced and the misplaced
  • Delhi – The Capital City of Rapes
  • Mary Kom – Won the medals, but couldn’t win the appreciation from the country
  • Pratibha Patil – The first women president but not the first to misuse the office
  • Anna – Denounced for giving up on the Civil Movement, but not acknowledged for the attempts at raising an important issue with corruption
  • Children die of starvation while food grains get wasted in the godowns or lack of it
  • Agriculture is the only profession which doesn’t encourage new talent
  • An 8 time hockey olympic champion unable to qualify for olympics
  • Soni Suri can’t be saved, Acid attacks can’t be prevented, Women can’t be protected
  • Police fighting 21st terrorism with lathi’s and old rifles
  • Whistle blowers getting blown by the same people who should protect them

I can probably go on and come up with a dozen other news with in a minute. The country is  reeling with issues, is burning with riots, with a few hundreds or thousands of politicians and bureaucrats deciding the fate of the country. We have been reduced to being the victims of bad politics.

Media, the 4th pillar of democracy, the watch dog has literally been reduced to being a watch dog, it just watches, but doesn’t do anything. The information and broad casting ministry could have taken the MEDIA to the task for the gross violations of the Mumbai Terrorist coverage, but no they were given a warning. Just a warning for putting the national security of the entire country at risk. Who needs 24×7 media when they can’t

  • cover the news that matters to the every day lives of the people
  • travel to the north easter states
  • go find out how the tribals are living in the remote villages of india
  • create a ruckus on the massive power cuts
  • sign a petition for punishing the men who harras the women & not just for saving the tigers

I mean if all the news channels need is TRP rating which would earn them more sponsorships and more money, they should probably do something else or call them something else , may be “24×7 Gossip” 



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