The Bhojya Tanda Water Plant

What is the one thing that’s available in every remote village, be it in India or in Africa – A bottle of Coke. What is the one thing that’s not available in any remote village, be in India or in Africa – Safe Drinking Water

I remember back in the day, I used to wake up @ 5:00am in the morning because the manjeera water was made available only from 5:00 to 6:00am on certain days of the week. 

I used to hate it to put it bluntly. 

Here I’m, reading about a situation, where there is water but the floride content in it is way over the limit, causing various diseases some of which are fatal. All because the water couldn’t be treated or purified.  I hate this, to put it bluntly

Countries fought wars in the past for water, now states are fighting for it. But we don’t have to fight any wars, because we have a solution to resolve the water problem peacefully, at least we know how to solve in Nalagonda district. May be we can lead by example and show the govt how to do it.

Some of my facebook  posts soliciting donations for the reverse osmosis plant in Bhojya Tanda, in Nalagonda District of Andhra Pradesh. The posts were liked, shared and got some comments as well. Comments seeking clarification about the project, confirming donations for the project. There was an overwhelming response to the project. Not just on facebook but offline as well.

What’s the project ?

Build a reverse osmosis plant at Bhojya Tanda, a village in Nalagonda District in collaboration with “Echoes Of India“. I first heard about this organization from Pranamya Suri on an interview on NRI Samay, who by profession is a kuchipudi dancer and by heart is a truly committed and a passionate individual. She along with Echoes of India team had built 8 reverse osmosis plant which served over 40,000 people.

The team first conducts a series of tests to find out the floride levels of water and wherever the floride content is above the permissible levels, the team adopts that village as their next project. From there on, the team swiftly moves to identify the land, seek the permission, raise the funds and then build the plant. What is even more impressive is the turn around time, almost with in a months time, the plant is up and running.

After hearing Pranamya on NRI Samay, I sought information about any projects in the pipeline and thus came   our next project – “The Bhojya Tanda Water Plant”. The only thing that was remaining was the funds.

The Funds

It started with a donation of $50 and slowly but surely the donations came in. They came through facebook, off of facebook, they came through penny drives (almost $200), north & south India – everyone pitched in. Although at this point, we are short of $1500, it was an incredible effort from all my friends to have come this far. But I’m confident of raising the additional $1500.

Why ? This morning, my daughter woke me up with the sound of the pennies. First it sounded like noise to my ears and broke my sleep, but when she said, she wanted to give these pennies from her piggie bank for my water project, the noise sounded like music. We went around the house collecting all the pennies lying around and all this without me even asking her. So If my daughter can contribute her pennies, needless to say, why I’m confident of raising the rest of the money. Incidentally this is the second water project my daughter gave her change !

This is not just about one village or one reverse osmosis plant, this is about US, the society. If we as part of the society can’t come together to solve our own problems, then no one will. Distance doesn’t matter, language doesn’t matter and religion certainly doesn’t matter, first we all are humans.

Stay tuned for the pictures of the plant.


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