Staying on track ?

Be caring
Be respectful
Be responsible

Is the motto of the husky heroes. Everyday my daughter would come back from school all pumped up because she stood on track. It’s a way her kindergarten school started promoting good behavior among kids. Whenever the kid behaves well, I guess with in some reasonable limits, he or she is appreciated for good behavior instead of controlling the bad behavior. And since I liked this program very much I started taking interest in this. Although I never ask her directly whether she stayed on track, I would secretly wish she stayed on track.

It then occurred to me, that what if, we adults had a similar chart to track our behavior on a weekly basis, how would that work or would it even work at all ? Suddenly a barrage of questions hit me.

  • whether I would be willing to self evaluate myself and monitor myself – for I’m all educated and i know a lot if not everything for me to unlearn now and adopt to something new would be quite challenging
  • what is the criteria I want to use to verify if I’m on track or not
  • am I that disciplined to enforce this ?
  • where will I have the time to do all this ?
  • am I taking this a bit too far ?

Are these really concerns or am I making excuses on why this is a bad idea and justifying why I shouldn’t be doing this or why this wouldn’t work ? I think it’s the later. But then there is a part in me that says that if I expect my daughter to stay on track for the whole week, the week after and the week after, then why can’t I expect the same for myself and what if my daughter asks me if I stayed on track the whole week ?

Agreed the incentive for my daughter to stay on track is the surprise gift from the treasure chest in the classroom on every Friday. For me, I think the incentive is that it will make me a better person, a happy person because If I stayed on track the whole week then that would have meant

  • I was responsible : have done my job to my satisfaction be it professional or personal
  • I was respectful : to everybody be it elders or youngsters
  • I was caring : to my family at the very least and to certain extent to the society

If I had all the boxes checked against it then that would make me automatically happy – happiness is a rare commodity these days with an almost machine like routine and if there is a way I can still find happiness amidst this, then why not ? And moreover I get to be a Husky Hero along with my daughter 🙂

It’s one thing to say that I will try to be diligent about staying on track, it’s another thing to actually stay on track every week, it’s not easy. Well, Why do i feel that it’s tough, I asked my daughter whether I could stay on track just like her and she told me “Well, we have to see !


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