Will the real sinner please stand up ?

My name doesn’t matter, my country doesn’t matter.
My caste doesn’t matter, my economic status doesn’t matter.
My education doesn’t matter, my work doesn’t matter.
My age doesn’t matter, my relation doesn’t matter.

The teenage girl battling her life in Pakistan or the Rape victims from Haryana or the unborn girl child who is killed in the mothers womb or the new born girl child left alone to die outside the hospital or the tribal women locked up in chattisgarh – we are answerable to the atrocities. We can’t even treat them like fellow human beings and we pride ourselves to be developed, educated, cultured, civilized  ?

Some say she is going against the Culture and traditions, some say she is a burden on the family, some say she is anti government, some say she is immoral. But only some say it, what are we, the majority of us saying – outside of the drawing rooms
What are we, the majority of us doing – outside of the drawing rooms

Who is the bigger sinner, the one who commits it or the one who can do something but does not do anything ? It’s a question I ask myself. It’s a question I want to ask myself. It’s a question I want answers to. Lets not ask or lets stop asking Why is the government or the law enforcement not doing their job ? They are still a minority and If the excuse is we elected them and that’s our duty and now it’s their turn to do their duty, then I think 60 years is a long time for us to realize that this model doesn’t work. It’s just a recipe for disaster and we are speeding towards it.

But the reason why disaster hasn’t completely struck it, there are a minority of people, groups, organizations working towards such issues. Please note they are still a minority. They need voice, they need support, they need help, they need representation and above all they need critical mass. Who better than us, the majority to back them up, if not lead from the front.

Let the girl in Pakistan be a symbol of inspiration and change
Let the unborn girl child go on to be the pillar of strength for the family
Let the tribal woman locked up in Chattisgarh be the voice of the lost people
Let the rape victims be a gruesome reminder of our failed responsibilities  so we do everything possible to prevent them from happening.

This can’t wait till we become successful in life or we retire from our responsibilities – lets question the status quo and challenge ourselves why we can’t do anything about this situation. The girl child doesn’t need our sympathy they don’t need our help either, all they need is to be treated with respect and dignity. Then we can claim we are educated, we are civilized, we are developed, we are cultured !


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