Republic of Riots and Rapes

  • 1984 – Sikh riots – was too young to  understand what was going on
  • 1992 – Bombay riots – the only thing I remember was the school holidays
  • 2002 – Gujarat riots – was away in a different country and failed to understand the gravity of the issue
  • 2008 – Mumbai terrorist attacks – saw everything live on tv, was angered, frustrated, infuriated, called MP’s, filed RTI’s, wrote blogs

I had en excuse for every single incident as to why I it didn’t matter me beyond a drawing room discussion or why I couldn’t anything about it.

How many more riots, how many more rapes, how many more suicides, how many more tribal killings, how many more babies need to be killed before or after birth, how many more women need to be killed for dowry, how many more children should lose their innocence, how many more soldiers should die for nothing, how many more scams, how many more police atrocities, how many more ? It’s this combined silence, it’s this tolerance for anything and everything, it’s this indifference towards our society which allows the politicians to be corrupt, the police to commit atrocities against the innocent, the criminals to commit crimes.

I don’t want another riot, I don’t want another Rape, I don’t want another farmer suicide and no I don’t want to feel helpless about the situation. I think I’m capable enough, I’m fortunate enough, I’m powerful enough to do something about this because what i saw, what I felt and what I experienced should stop with me. Don’t want to wait for the next generation.

Our combined silence, our indifference, our lack of action, our response and reaction as a society or the lack of it is what encourages the politicians, the police, the judiciary, the media, the criminals to have their way.

This is not a legacy to pass on this is a menace and needs to be stopped. 
What should we do or what we can do ?
I think this is a question we need to ask ourselves. We need to ask ourselves if we want incapable leaders to rule us, we want to ask if we want take everything lying down ?
If we feel strong about this, then we should ask ourselves what can be done, what can I do, what can you do and not whether we can do something or not ?
So whether India is reduced to a Republic of Riots and Rapes or it really becomes the Republic of Rising Indians not just the Indian billionaires, is entirely up to us. Yes, it’s entirely up to us.

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