Occupy The Assembly – Fiction or Reality


   The young, rebellion, pragmatic Ajay Devgun is warned by the old and rustic Om Puri while entering the assembly – the ending scene from Maniratnam’s movie Yuva. The character of Ajay Devgun was inspired from a real life hero , George Reddy,  and the movie goes on to highlight the importance of the youth embracing politics, challenging the status quo and being the change makers.

Of course, in reality, being the torch bearers of this change, entering the murky world of politics, challenging the money based, the caste based  politics is anything but easy. In fact, there have been quite a few attempts at this in the past, but not all of them were successful, however they did manage to leave an indelible remark on those who cared for the society.

Why Politics ?

I will just use one example to prove why politics matter. Just yesterday, a building in Thane collapsed and almost 70 people died (and the count is on the rise). One google search on buildings collapsed in India and you will find umpteen such tragic incidents where politicians/administrations/municipalities/regulatory authorities all turn a blind eye when it comes to ensuring safety or even following the fundamentals, the A,B,C’s of law and order.

The result – people die an untimely and unjustified death while not even a scratch on those who are guilty. At best, a few scapegoats will be identified, suspended or transferred.

If we still don’t think politics matters to us, then what else will ? No more rhetorics, no more excuses – every farmer who commits suicide, every women who gets harassed/killed, every unnatural death – has our name written on it. Why are we to be blamed, because it’s due to our irresponsibilities, our ignorance, our lack of will to question allows the wrong doers to continue on the path of destruction. If there is no one to question, no one to hold them responsible, where is they need for them to stop, think and correct themselves – there is absolutely no reason and I repeat, there is absolutely no reason.

So today Thane happened, the bomb blasts in Hyderabad happened, the cancer belt in Punjab, Vidarbha farm suicides and it’s just a matter of time before we become part of this statistics – either as a victim or a victim’s kith and kin.

What does the future hold?

The future is still hazy, it’s still misty, it’s still uncertain, it’s still un secure – but then there are the Ashwin’s, the Meenakshi’s, the Shantala’s, the Nisha Singh’s, the Darade’s, the R.K. Mishra’s, the Kejriwal’s, and the many such next generation political aspirants who are fighting to secure our future, make it certain, clear the mist and make our future radiant and bright.


We all know very well, they alone cannot fight this fight, because they are fighting

  • money
  • corruption
  • caste
  • voter irresponsibilities
  • electoral flaws
  • and a whole suit of illegal, immoral and unethical politics designed intentionally to keep the genuinely concerned people out of politics. I do admit that there are good people even in traditional parties, but their constrained by their party high command’s.

And even if we can’t join them in their fight, the least we could do is

  • be aware of our responsibilities as a citizen – VOTE & VOTE for the Right Candidate, now we have no excuse that elections don’t have the right people, just look harder
  • question your leader & make them responsible and accountable for their manifesto, check if there is even such a thing called manifesto
  • invite them for discussions over local issues
  • don’t accept power cuts, water shortage as fate, it’s simply lack of will power that’s making these uncertainties a reality for us causing disruptions and interruptions

But if we don’t help them fight this fight and don’t fulfill our duties as a responsible citizen, then Ajay Devgun entering the assembly which is a work of fiction will be the only image of someone who cares, Occupy The Assembly other than the old, archaic politicians i.e. the Om Puri’s. All our dreams of a beautiful India, a vibrant India, a democratic India, an equal and just India will could all be just a work of fiction.

Let Occupy The Assembly be not a work of fiction but a commitment to reality.


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