Racing away from humanity

Dilip Kumar begging and pleading the vehicles on the road to stop, so his wife who needs medical help can be taken to the hospital – a famous scene from the movie “Mashaal“. Yash Chopra directed this scene in the year 1984. Waheeda Rahman who plays Dilip kumar’s wife eventually succumbs to the pain and dies on the road. Dilip Kumar is left in utter shook and dismay and am sure the audience watching this scene sympathized with Dilip too.

And in most of the cases, be it reel life or real life, that’s all we do. Watch everything as a movie, see everything as entertainment, ignore everything that doesn’t bother us. No I’m not exaggerating this, this is exactly what happened (or at least reported in the news) in Jaipur. A family of 4 including 2 kids riding on a scooter who were involved in a major accident, left the wife and the daughter critically injured. The wife and the daughter succumbed to injuries and if the news reports were to be believed, the family was stranded on the road for almost one and a half hours.

In the movie Mashaal, the incident takes place in the middle of the night and remember it was a time when cell phones didn’t even exist. What happened in Jaipur is worse. The family is stranded on a busy road in broad day light and at a time when one phone call from a cell phone could have made the difference. It’s reported that one bike rider stopped and informed the police, who took them to the hospital but unfortunately it was still too late.

This incident when looked in conjunction with the Delhi incident and numerous other such incidents is a strong indication of how disconnected and disengaged we are as a society. And if we don’t react to what’s happening in front of our eyes then lets not even talk about the Soni sori’s, the tribals, the golibar slums, the farmer suicides, the farm widows, the child deaths due to malnutrition etc. In a mad rush for livelihood, in a mad rush for money, in a mad rush for family, in a mad rush for literally everything, we are forgetting that we are human beings and the most fundamental aspect of being human being is humanity. While we made great progress technologically and scientifically, we as human beings have only managed to progress, in fact, race away from humanity.

And if we adults don’t learn anything from such incidents and not change our attitude to our society, we shouldn’t expect anything from our children, so lets be assured that the situation is going to get only worse. Because children learn from what they see not what they are taught. A simple anecdote

After finishing our dinner, my wife offered to take my plate and leave it in the sink, but i said no and I took it myself and cleaned it. That’s what I usually do anyways. But this time my 6 year old was watching everything and she said, “You have good manners!”

This is a very simple example of how kids learn from adults. No matter how small an act it is, if we don’t do it, if we don’t set ourselves as examples, kids cannot be taught and if kids can’t be taught, then we really are heading towards a point where there is no point of return.

Let all these unfortunate incidents be a rude awakening, let these not be another tragic news to simply hit the headlines and disappear into archive files, let these not be used for political stunts, let these not be simply an individual loss but a loss to a humanity – the day we take the first step towards this is when we can hope for a better future where humans can thrive not just survive.

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