A violent love affair – India & it’s Disasters

If disasters were given a choice to pick a country which they want to destroy, India would feature in their top 10 favorites. Disasters just love India. They can come at their will and even better they don’t have to leave either. Take Bhopal Gas Tragedy, its been 30 years and its still alive and kicking. And another very important aspect is the conditions in India are such that the disasters not only survive but also flourish in India. Disasters don’t have to worry about any disaster preventions nor they need to worry about any disaster recovery. They get a free pass to do anything they want and anytime they want. 

Over the past few decades disasters have come in various forms or shapes

  • the terrorist attacks
  • the agrarian crisis
  • the floods
  • the fire accidents at shivakasi
  • the stampedes
  • never ending long list

Diversity is the key for anything to grow and with a support system as great as it is india to back each one of these diversities, why would anyone not like India in fact love India. Disasters would be proud to say – I came, I destroyed and I continue to do so.

The breeding ground:
The breeding ground for the disasters is so fertile that even a small disaster like a one day rain can cause weeks of disruption and plenty of damage to human life and property. With limited regulations in place to stop the illegal constructions, with limited focus on disaster prevention or recovery, with no respect to the environment, with no consideration for preserving our natural resources, with a complete lack of accountability and more importantly with people in power trying to satisfy their personal ambitions ignoring the people’s basic needs – disasters have no stopping. What is very encouraging for the disasters is that those responsible for man made disasters never get punished, in fact they end up with more power and more authority to cause even more disasters.

Growth in the name of disasters
Disasters often create opportunities for growth. No I’m not talking about the growth in terms of the society but growth for the people in power. Relief funds, restoration funds, development funds – all sorts of funds are created and approved for disbursement only to be found in the bank accounts of the “selected few”. The longer the disasters last the more is this growth.And since everything is done in such a rush under the clout of “immediate response” to the disasters, there is hardly any scrutiny and/or any transparency into what these relief funds are about, where and how they will be utilized, what is the time frame etc.

The future
India has worked really hard with all the politicians, bureaucrats, the society, the individuals all coming together for a common cause – to promote India as the number one disaster destination country. While we are not quite there yet, we are certainly moving ahead in that direction. As a testimony to this progressive growth India has managed to pull off the biggest scandals ever, create a market where they could sell the rivers and the mountains, open themselves for foreign investments by displacing the local inhabitants, poaching animals to an extent where they become extinct – looking at all this, I’m pretty confident we will be soon declared the number 1 destination for disasters.

The formula of disaster: 

Be greedy, use and abuse the natural resources, mess around with the environment, have no regulations, no law and order, don’t punish the guilty, displace the human resources in the name of development. ensure zero transparency, remove the false notion of accountability and you have a perfect recipe for brewing another disaster.

This love affair will only become more violent and more destructive if we dont realize our responsibility towards our community, our society and our country and that is the only hope.


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