RTI Call-A-Thon

Call-A-Thon: Call our MP’s and request not to vote for RTI amendments. There are lot of teams, individuals, groups fighting at the ground level. This is a small effort to complement what they are doing.

Starting today, let’s all of us spend 30 minutes to 1 hour to call our MP’s to tell one and only one thing. Let all political parties come under the RTI. This is our best shot to clean politics & bring accountability to what these political parties do.

What to talk? : Dear Mr/Mrs _______ (MP), i’m calling you as a concerned citizen to request you to please do not support the amendments to RTI.

  • If you get a response saying “I’ve to obey the party” , insist on knowing their personal opinion regarding this issue.
  • If you get their secretary, please let them know your concern.


Whom to call?: 

  • Pick an MP from your constituency & speak in the local language to better connect
  • Pick the prominent MP’s from various political parties
    • Veerappa Moily, Jayanthi Natarajan, Jayaram Ramesh etc from Congress
    • Seetharam Yechuri from CPI
    • LK Advani, Sushma Swaraj etc from BJP
  • Please log your conversation – just the summary
  • Call PMO office & let the office know about our concerns

Let’s make a statement, a very strong statement – that MP’s cannot simply make decisions for us behind closed doors. They have to take our opinions and concerns into consideration

So let’s begin the calls.

My Previous Conversations:

Day I


Day II of Calling MP’s 
Spoke to 3 MP’s from congress and 3 MP’s from BJP – I really liked how united our elected reps were in their response to my question – Will you support amendments to RTI?

All of them said party is supreme. I then tried L.K.Advani – wanted to ask him the same question and also why none of his party MP’s have any individuality – just missed him narrowly

Got through to his personal secretary, will confront him on another day of calling.

Day III updates:

Day III call updates (Still in progress)

DMK, BSP :- A couple of MP’s from these parties said it’s the party leader decision and the party leader hasn’t taken a decision yet. Despite my persistence with trying to get their personal opinion on this issue, i couldn’t.

Jayanthi Natarajan, LK Advani’s are not reachable. Both of them are not in delhi right now. Have their secrataries numbers and have to keep trying

Conversation with a Secretary to an MP:
Secretary: Who are you?
Me; I’m a concerned citizen and want to request MP to not vote for these amendments.
Secretary: I’ve never received or heard of a concerned citizen calling an MP. I cannot tell my opinion but will relay your message to the MP

So friends, this is exactly what our MP’s want – a constituency that doesn’t question no matter what the decisions are and how bad the situations are? But once we start questioning, not one, two, ten, hundred but thousands – then MP’s have to be more responsible.


20 thoughts on “RTI Call-A-Thon

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  1. Called Shantaram Naik, Rajya Sabha, Goa. He asked to send him an email since he didnt want to be misquoted in a conversation. He promised he would respond by EOD. Sent email.

  2. TMC Rajya Sabha MP Sukhendu Sekhar Roy. TMC is against the amendment. Surprisingly Mr. Roy was well informed about the subject. He said he is bound by the party decision. TMC is going to discuss the fallout of the cabinet approval and he said they will make their stand public once they have decided. (TMC supposedly had already public declared support of the CIC decision)

  3. 1. I called, Chinta Mohan – M.P – Tirupathi (Congress), He doesnt want to

    respond on phone.

    2. I called, Dr.Jagannath – M.P – Nagarkarnool (Congress), He said, he is busy and asked me to call


    3. I called, Konakalla Narayana Rao – M.P – TDP : He said he will vote against ‘ RTI Act Amendments ‘

    and also said “Political Parties Must Not Be Above Law”.

    4. I called, Nama Nageswara Rao – M.P – Khammam (TDP) : He said that he will vote against ‘RTI Act

    Amendments’ and appreciated our efforts.

    Comments by Lavanya Gattupalli, 2nd Aug 2013

  4. Tried few number but didn’t got a chance.

    Reddy,Shri Komatireddy Raj Gopal 1-Jun-67 Indian National Congress Bhongir (Andhra Pradesh ) Tels. 9013180408, 9177111221 (M) rgkreddy@gmail.com
    He said he is busy will talk about it later.

    1. Thank you very much Pawan. Let’s continue our efforts, hopefully we can make some impact. Additionally you can also try emailing the MP’s in case you don’t get their response

  5. Tried reaching Dr. Purandeshwari Devi (MP- Visakhapatnam & Minister of State for Human Resource Development) several times but with no luck!

  6. 6. Called Mr. Gandhiselvam MP – DMK – Nammakkal. Not available to talk. Talked to his wife and got the cell phone number. 9443333933.

  7. Contacted Mr. Ganeshamoorthi MP Erode (MDMK) at 914242256713.Had an intelligent conversation. He was very open to discussion. He is opposing the amendment. Agreed to discuss and oppose the amendment in parliament. As a party they support inclusion of political parties in the RTI act. He will be sending contact info for local news papers for communicating with them regarding the issues in their forum. When I asked him about why the major parties are opposing he mentioned that one of the reasons is the parties do not want to bring out to public what is happening inside their day to day internal operation ie intraparty politics…

  8. Spoke to Sharad Yadav JD(U) … he used the “dukaan” term … but then agreed to my suggestion of meeting with RTI representatives … have sent him an email … fingers crossed 🙂

  9. Spoke to Capt (Retd) Nishad of JD (U). He said the party had not formed an opinion. He would go by the party’s opinion. Asked for background information which I’ve sent him.

  10. Spoke to Sidhant Mohapatra of Biju Janata Dal. BJD is yet to decide. The leadership would take the decision. He may or may not be a part of the discussion. However he personally thinks political parties should be under the RTI. He asked to send me the details, which I have, and he would voice our concerns with the leadership.

  11. Spoke to Dr. Najma Heptulla of BJP. She is personally in support of the RTI applying to political parties. She said official discussions within the party have not taken place. She strongly felt that the issue, in a democracy, should be debated openly in Parliament rather than settled by courts. She asked to send me the details, which I have. She was appreciative of our efforts. Fingers crossed 🙂

  12. Spoke Dr. Sardhina, Rajya Sabha MP, Congress, he was against the political parties under the purview of the RTI since “enemies” could misuse it. He was not ready for a discussion. He however was in support of the Supreme Court decision on decriminalization of politics.

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