The sad story of being an MP

I’m powerful, I’m fearless, I’m desperate – I’m a prospective MP candidate. It doesn’t matter if I don’t have a god father, it doesn’t matter if I don’t have political experience, it doesn’t matter if I don’t have a clean record, it doesn’t matter if I don’t care about people and policies because the only thing that matters is politics and paisa.

I’ve paisa (money) & I will go to any extent to buy the MP seat first, then I will go to any extent to threaten people to vote or pay money to vote because I know not everyone cares about politics, the country’s future and certainly no one cares about voting. So it’s not like I’ve to pay everyone in the constituency, so I will go to any extent.

With power & paisa, I won the elections – I’m an MP now.

But guess what I’m not happy because now I’ve to work out the scams, the scandals, the loopholes to recoup all the money – for how else will I feed my ego! Even If I get caught in the process, I might slow down a bit but i know eventually I will recoup all the money. It’s a matter of time. But I’ve to work hard, I cannot relax.

Now in between this, if people come to me with their issues, I neither have the time nor the desire to solve them because I’m preoccupied with my own issues. Moreover it’s not like I can do anything on my own. I’ve to listen to the Mai baap – the party high command. I’m a mere number for them in the parliament with no personal opinions and no social responsibility towards my constituency either because no one questions me.

So all I’ve to do in the remaining 5 years is to attend the parliament sessions when I can & keep looking out for opportunities to recover my investment. And I know I do a very good job at this which is why people elect me elections after elections and yet people complain I’m not a good MP.

No one realizes
how hard it is to live under constant worry of making money
how hard it is to stay quite talk because high command doesn’t let me talk,
how hard it is to continue to work as an MP even when no one has any expectations from me,
how hard it is to go back to the same people and ask for votes even though they didn’t benefit from electing me,
how hard it is to train my kids to become the next generation politics – bottom line is don’t become an MP, leave it to me and my family. We will continue this tradition!


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