Call-A-Thon Day III updates

Day IV Call-A-Thon Updates (still in progress)

  • Ravi Shankar Prasad , BJP: Simply said, thank you for calling & said will keep you in mind
  • P.C Chidambaram, Congress; Was very livid that a nobody was calling him and asked me to call the office instead
  • Sitaram Yechuri –
    • you are not a member of my party why should i be responsible to you. You are sitting somewhere & telling me what to do (i requested him to vote against RTI amendments).
    • I responded saying I don’t have to be party member, i’m just expressing as a concerned citizen and request you to vote against RTI amendments.
  • Other MP’s were all party bound.
  • One brave BJP MP did express his personal opinion and admitted that parties need to come under RTI and there should be accountability
  • (Listen to the conversation):

Update from Shravanthi Tirunagairi:

Called more then 91 MP’s. Most of them had the cell phone switched off or didn’t answer.
1. MP -Shri Rajendra- Agrawal- He feel Party’s should come under RTI. But will vote as per party decision.
2.CAll 2#Shri Hansraj Gangaram: He feel Party’s should come under RTI. But will vote as per party decision.
3.Call 3-Anandan,Shri K. Murugesan-Will vote what madam says.
4.L.K .Advani- Reached his secretory and asked us to send a written request.
5.Shri. Chidbraham- Very reluctant to even listen.
6.Chinta Mohan,Dr.23792737- Called and left a Msg
7- Rest of the Mp’s ere not able to hear my voice 
Overall I felt great questioning the MP’s that they are entitled to raise their opinion and not support the bill if they aren’t willing too.




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