Call-A-Thon – Day V

Had a great start to Day V:
1) Anand Rao – Shiv Sena: Had an interesting conversation. While he supports the inclusion of political parties under RTI, he does want to have proper provisions in the ACT to prevent any misuse of this act

2) I was given an appointment yesterday to call before 8:00am to speak to Advaniji. So I called before 8:00am, someone ased me to call in 5 minutes, so i did. And i think they put me through to Advani’s secretary – he asked me many questions – who, what, why and where and then said, send an email –

3) Sidhu, Keerti Azaad, Azharuddin – Wanted to talk to the famous cricket personalities. No response, number switched off, wrong numbers for Azhar – this was just to find out how much our MP turned cricketers are tuned into our issues. I will mark this for later

4) Basudebji from CPIM: Doesn’t support political parties to come under RTI since political parties are not public authorities and do not receive any government funding. He however does want party funding to be made mandatory and made public. Also added that corporate funding should be banned. He added that this is also what his party feels.


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