Day VII Summary

Day VII Summary of calls:

1) BJP MP returned my call & answered very diplomatically that he hasn’t seen the bill in it’s entirety and refused to comment whether he will vote in favor or against the amendments.

2) Yashwanth Sinha: Said he cannot say his personal opinion and has to go with the party. Refused to disclose the party’s stance. I requested him to consider my concern with removing political parties out of the purview of RTI

3) Jaswanth Singh: Getting ready for parliament session – Secretary said he cannot say what Jaswant Singh’s stance is

4) Priya Dutt: Is in transit from Mumbai to Delhi

5) Maneka Gandhi/Varun Gandhi: Cell phone switched off

6) Azharuddin: Is not available, asked to call back in the evening

With the parliament session in progress starting today, most likely they will be available only during the evening. So request all the friends in India to take it up and call them –

By now, people who have started calling the MP’s might have sensed, while some were polite in responding, some were very animated, surprised, shocked, angry – this is what participatory democracy is all about.

We must find ways to ensure accountability & responsibility – calling our MP’s happens to be one of the easier ways! So pick up the phone and start calling them !


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