Day VIII Call Summary

1 Spoke to secretary a couple of times, sent emails, but no response yet. Advani,Shri Lal Krishna
2 Supports political parties to come under RTI Agrawal,Shri Rajendra
3 Supports political parties coming under RTI. Had other interesting conversations. MP saab said there are 4000 MLA’s/MP’s in total and about 20 lakh bureacrats. The MP’s work 16 hours and the bureacrats work about 8 hours. The MP didn’t even have an official vehichle. He said it’s wrong to malign all the MP’s just because of one Kalmadi. He wants people to know not all MP’s are wrong and corrupt Ahir,Shri Hansraj Gangaram
4 Took down my number, he will call me Ananth Kumar,Shri
5 NA Angadi,Shri Suresh Chanabasappa
6 NA Argal,Shri Ashok
7 NA Azad,Shri Kirti (Jha)
8 na Bais,Shri Ramesh
9 na Basavaraj,Shri Gangasandra Siddappa
10 na Besra,Shri Devidhan
11 supports political party to come under rti Bhagat,Shri Sudarshan
12 na Bundela,Shri Jeetendra Singh
13 na Chakravarty,Smt. Bijoya
14 criminals should be in politics & supports parties to come under RTI. However, will wait for party decision Chauhan,Dr. Mahendrasinh Pruthvisinh
15 na Chauhan,Shri Prabhatsinh Pratapsinh
16 wait till the party meeting – personally will support political parties to come under RTI Chavan,Shri Harischandra Deoram
17 Supports transparency but worries about misuse of RTI. Why do you think all the wrong doings are done by politicians Choudhary,Shri Nikhil Kumar
18 na Danve,Shri Raosaheb Patil
19 na Deka,Shri Ramen
20 wants to wait for party decision Deshmukh,Shri K. D.
21 na Dhotre,Shri Sanjay Shamrao
22 supports parties to come under RTI. Will decide further in the party meeting Dhurve,Smt. Jyoti
23 na Dubey,Shri Nishikant

3 thoughts on “Day VIII Call Summary

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  1. I talked to Jehanabad M.P Jagdish Sharma of Jd(U) and got favourable answer but did not talk much. so final yes or no was not clear from the talk.

  2. Politicians do ‘dadagiri’ & ‘goondagiri’ because after getting elected by people, where is peoples’ control over them? History can be created by Total Reforms beginning with Electoral Reforms & Voters Education & Protection.

  3. No one wants to diminish his privileges. What they say and what they actually do are two different things. In democracy people are no where. Newly replaced Maharajas have made sure that the democracy is dead and cremated. What we call democracy is a miserable mockery of democracy. It started from the day our Constitution was written. All benefits of doubts were granted for non governance and ill-being of the citizens at large. The day you vote, you become a CHOR and those who are said to be representing you are your MAHARAJAHs. And then rest of the five years either you join the Chors or waste your time proving that you are not a chor.

    Those who get elected may represent even just 10% of the votes of their constituencies. The polls are rigged in every manner. We have a Prime Minister who makes false declarations. We have a President who hardly has a mass base. This is the fate of the democracy with Copied Constitution without taking in the consideration the evils of the low morals class. There is no positive mechanism that binds the elected to table the opinion of those said to represented. There is no mandatory duty for them to work for the people. There is no prevention on them from robbing the people of this country. And still they are showered with the blessings of the government as they are rulers courtesy these people. The house is the biggest fixing venue with great eye wash. On issues and non-issues the positive work is stalled and the laws are passed without discussion. It is a hide and seek game. All in the name of democracy. It is said to be the democratic right to protest. The day house does not function normally, the allowances and salary of all members, whether present or not should be deducted. Also a pro-rata cut should be applied on every facility enjoyed by them including free amenities and benefits. Let us see how many protestors would come in support of democratic protests sacrificing for the Nation.

    What happened of the Rs. one crore cash belonging to son of the past president being transported in the middle of the night? Fromm where the funds came to pay Amarshigh and party? What deals took place with Nuclear & FDI bills? What happened to the money siphoned out in Commonwealth, 2G, Coal gate, scams? We have a right to know all this and for this whether they like it or not RTI to political parties is the key to the today’s hotch potch.

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