Zero Sexual Harassment

(Un)Lucky to be born 

I was lucky to be born for I could have been killed inside the womb: 0 – 9 months

I was happy: 1 – 4 years old

I got worried and lived under constant fear of rape, assault, sexual abuse from the neighbors, the family, the strangers and from everyone except myself: 5 to 18 years

  • I got married only to realize now I’m being harassed for dowry, sex or something else
  • I lost my husband and the society disowned me
  • I am too old and now I’m simply left to die alone

I wonder if I ever lived my life, at least for once – born as a girl child

And we worry about terrorism
And we worry about nuclear weapons

Wonder when we would start worrying about the Moral values, about the Men, about the Male dominated society, about the Patriarchal society – Oh that’s right we have to reach the moon, the Mars and find if life exists there, for we have ruined everything on the earth !

Every time an incident like this happens, there is talk of additional protection, increased security etc. when would they realize, it’s a problem of education, a problem of awareness

From the cradle to the cremation
From the kindergarten to the graduation
From the rural to the urban
From the private taxis to the public transportations
From a complete stranger to the most trusted
From the lower class to the upper class
From under the sun to hiding in the dark
From the most crowded to the most secluded
From the educational institutions to the religious institutions
From the private sector to the public sector
From the ministers to the paupers
From the young to the aged
From the law enforcement to the most wantedI don’t discriminate, I don’t fear, I don’t shy away, I don’t care about caste, I don’t care if its reach or poor, I don’t care if its a minister or a pauper – I’m Sexual Harassment and I live in India and I love India!

Question is not whether we can ever have Zero Sexual Harassment, Question is how can have get to Zero Sexual Harassment. This is not just a law and order problem, this is beyond that – something more fundamental – Stop protecting women & Start educating Men
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