Day 10 summary

Name Comments
1 Yeddyurappa,Shri Raghavendra Party meeting on Sunday. WIll discuss with colleagues, but will share my concern
2 Yadav,Shri Ramakant NA Cell phone switched off, Land line not answering
3 Yadav,Shri Madhusudan NA Cell phone not working
4 Yadav,Shri Hukmdev Narayan Party opinion – doesn’t have a personal opinion
5 Virendra Kumar,Dr. NA Not answering landline, cell phone not working
6 Vasava,Shri Mansukhbhai D. NA Cell phone not answering, not answering land line
7 Udasi,Shri Shivkumar Chanabasappa spoke to the secretary – MP is out of station. He doesn’t know what MP’s opinion is
8 Tomar,Shri Narendra Singh NA cell phone not answering
9 Thakur,Shri Anurag Singh NA office did answer – gave the cell phone number which has no response
10 Tandon,Shri Lal Ji Not answering landline
11 Sushma Swaraj Not available – spoke to the office, need to call on Monday
12 Sushant,Dr. Rajan NA not answering either cell phone or landline
13 Solanki,Shri Makhansingh NA Not answering the phone
14 Solanki,Dr. Kirit Premjibhai Support RTI but doesn’t believe parties should be brought under RTI since they don’t receive any public funding. When i asked how can accountability be brought for the parties, he said he is in a meeting
15 Singh,Shri Uday Mp was sleeping and I was asked to call back @ 10:00am
16 Singh,Shri Rakesh Refused to reveal his personal opinion but registered my concern and said the party hasn’t taken an decision
17 Singh,Shri Radha Mohan Will go with the government’s decision. I thought i had heard incorrect and i asked again he said – will go with the governments decision
18 Singh,Shri Pradeep Kumar not answering the cell phone
19 Singh,Shri Pashupati Nath not answering the cell phone
20 Singh,Shri Murarilal not answering the cell phone

Recorded conversion of an MP:

Listen to this helpless MP who says his opinion doesn’t mean anything and will do what the party asks him to do. When i asked him further whether he works for the party or for the people, he went silent.

Wonder how many such MP’s are out there who we keep electing election after election – I’m still looking for that one MP who wants to stand up for what is right



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