Politics 0.0 – the downgraded version

The stage is set – India will witness a different Monday next week. A Monday after which the political parties will be relieved of any questions around accountability and transparency. This will come as such a relief to all the major parties. What they have always done behind the scenes, under the table – actually no, they have always done it in broad day light and now they will feel even more empowered, more energized, more corrupt, more dangerous and they will comeback with vengeance. The stakes are going to be raised, where 20 crores could get you an MP seat, now can be bought for 40 crores. A good learning lessons for IPL to master the tricks and trades of how to be corrupt and not to get caught.

Mind you it’s not just the ruling parties but this applies for the namesake opposition as well.  They have already conceded that they want to fully extend their support in getting this passed. On a serious note though the opposition didn’t want to raise their voice against this because they have wasted lot of tax payers money by disrupting the parliament way too many trivial issues such as anti corruption. So for once they want to cooperate with the proceedings and extend full support to the ruling party. They want to set an example and show that when the country needs them most they are willing to set aside their differences and hence the saying A friend in need is indeed a friend indeed.

The stage is all set. the legislative is all set and the executive is shares the same mindset as of the legislative. The  judiciary has already been rendered useless and if there was any doubt that judiciary can play any role, the legislative and the executive are planning on a constitution amendment to put that doubt to rest. The last one is the very hyped, money minded, completely blind sighted, the rating obsessed, the silent partner in crime – the Media, all in all, next Monday could be the dawn of a new age politics of Politics 0.0, the downgraded version!

With the 4 pillars of our democracy not able to protect the country, the focus shifts on – who else, US! The 1.2 billion of US vs. the approximately 4000 of the elected officials and about 20 lakh bureaucrats. We don’t need any expert opinion here to gauge who should have the upper hand. If we all collectively do not realize this and take responsibility, then please note the next version -1.0 with the likes of Akikesh, Rahul is not too far.

Lets fight stronger, lets shout louder, lets rise higher, lets show them that people are part of the structure that holds all the pillars together.

Here are a few ways you could engage yourself – if you don’t think this is not worth trying, please suggest something that we could try – but we must all try at any cost.


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