Shailesg Gandhiji’s MP call log

I received an email from Suresh Ediga who is an Indian presently in US in whichhe mentioned that he is calling up MPs and trying to persuade them againstvoting for amendment to the RTI Act. He wrote that MPs were talking with him.

I was first cynical and wondered how to get the phone numbers of MPs and whetherany of them would pick up phones and talk.

However, I felt if an Indian can call from US, I should certainly try. Ihave spent about 6 hours on the telephone so far at different times and spokenwith 15 MPs. A few surprises: most telephones which you can get from 



  • Workand many MPs do pick up the telephones themselves.
  • I have been able to speakwith 15 MPs so far and have got varying responses, which I am listing in theenclosed file.
  • I think this is s technique worth adopting to lobby with our MPson issues which are important to us. I would suggest that we use this toconverse with our MPs.
  • Please be polite and avoid calling them up at odd times.
  • Give your viewpoint and see if the MP will give his views, but do not insistthat he must give an opinion or view.
  • Take it more as an opportunity of puttingyour views across. I
  • f we work on this we may be able persuade a few more MPs tochange their positions and this would be a big step for democracy.
  • Citizens must use this with maturity.

I admit that when calling I did disclose that I am a retired Central InformationCommissioner


MPs phone lobbying


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