Call-A-Thon Sequel

Given that we have just 2 days before the bill will be up for voting again – we need lot more effort in reaching out to the MP’s. Here are some very simple things to remember when calling the MP’s


The list of all MP’s: click here

  • If the MP doesn’t have an opinion, ask him if he/she has an opinion on anything at all
  • If the MP has an opinion, but decides to go with the party, then ask him if he/she would at least vote against it with in the party – to express his opinions. Ask him/her if there was a party wide discussion at all
  • If the MP opposes the amendments, then ask if he/she would like to join Jay Panda in his efforts to persuade the speaker to refer to bill to the standing committee
    • Further ask the MP if he can write a letter to the MP

Most importantly please log your conversation


3 thoughts on “Call-A-Thon Sequel

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  1. just spoke to Mr Roy of TMC … he categorically stated that they are against the amendment. MPs from both houses have been given instructions from Didi herself that the amendment is to be opposed and if put to a vote, voted against.

  2. spoke to Mr Dara Singh of BSP. he still wasn’t ready to tell me where they stand. “The party will take a stand on the floor of the house” 🙂 … he asked me to send information to his PA, Mr Suresh at 011 23016166

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