Call-A-Thon – Rajya Sabha members

The RTI bill is listed as the 25th in the list of things that will be discussed tomorrow i.e. August 29th in Lok Sabha. There is a very good chance that the bill will be passed [based on all our interactions with the MP’s].
Now the bill will be sent to Rajya Sabha. So our new target
1) Madam speaker of Lok Sabha –
  • Tell the speaker about the letter Jay Panda had written
  • Request the speaker to please consider referring the bill to standing committee
  • If the secretary answers, tell him/her that it’s urgent and request him/her to pass on our message – refer RTI to Standing committee)

2) Targeting the Rajya Sabha members, the more senior members – 

  • Request the members to please consider referring the bill to the standing committee
  • Ask for their first stance
  • tell them about Jay Panda’s letter to the speaker and ask if they can work with Jay Panda

 As always, please log your conversation


One thought on “Call-A-Thon – Rajya Sabha members

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  1. Called Ramchandra Prasad Singh, J.D.(U). He hung up after I mentioned RTI Amendment saying that he was in a meeting. Will try in 30 minutes.

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