the Call-A-Thon – the story thus far

  • Would the big brother be watching us?
  • Is the RTI Amendments listed for tomorrow?
  • Which MP has tweeted in support of the standing committee review of the bill ?
  • Can we try to get more Media coverage?
  • Should we do something dramatic – like a protest rally to the PM’s or the speakers and present all the petitions in person?’
  • Which MP’s should we be targeting or which parties?
  • Which famous personality or ad agency or social change agent should we be reaching out to?

the list of questions go on and so does the list of possibilities. 

Weekends or weekdays; AM or PM; EST or IST nothing mattered, the only thing mattered to the Call-A-Thon volunteers was RTI. The past 1 month has been full of action, actually full of non stop action. Sometimes dull, sometimes exciting, sometimes frustrating, sometimes pleasant, sometimes depressing, sometimes uplifting – but the team never gave up nor did the team ever slow down.

On the contrary the team always operated at full throttle. This was despite the fact that the team never met each other let alone not knowing each other before the Call-A-Thon. Simply bounded by the spirit to fight against the amendments, the team quickly developed a great deal of trust and camaraderie helping the team to take decisions on the spur of the moment. This has certainly been one of the key strengths of the team. Below are a few examples of the things the team did to sustain the momentum

  • the Get Well Soon campaign: Sending post cards via emails to the PM, SG etc.
  • the Tweet-a-thon’s: Reaching out to MP’s and other prominent people soliciting support against the RTI amendments
  • a few good men: Highlighting the few MP’s who stood up against these amendments
  • the Petition to the Speaker: Pushing the emails from to rally people to support the petition
While all our efforts put together with the RTI activists at the ground level may not have gotten the result we were hoping for, the campaign certainly helped achieve
  • defending the constitution rights is not just the job of the activists, it’s everyone’s job to defend it and to that extent, the campaign managed to involve ordinary citizens
  • creating a platform where citizens were able to openly communicate with the MP’s and also learn about the parliamentary process
  • creating awareness about RTI, the amendments, the MP’s lack of will power, the whip system, the sorry state of affairs of the MP’s etc etc
Thanks to our parliamentarians right to adjourn, the right to information managed to survive thus far – but it will be a matter of days before the Lok Sabha passes the bill and will be up for the Rajya Sabha members. The team is now prepping to launch the Call-A-Thon against the Rajay Sabha members because we believe it’s not done until it’s done.
Moreover, every single day of the campaign has taught something new, forced us to do something new, made us more determined than the previous day.

In the entire history of the mankind if anything had ever worked it was the perseverance and the never say die attitude which is the only thing the team has. And thanks to everyone who supported this campaign thus far – stay tuned for more action

List of MP’s who agree to bring parties under RTI but are afraid of a political whip: Click here

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