Born to be killed – RTI

Transparency and Accountability had a tough life style because it was not everyones cup of tea to live the way they lived and the choices they made. They had set high standards for themselves and were determined to fight corruption at all levels and at any cost. Their life had been full of challenges. So when RTI was born to them in 2005, their joy had no bounds for they were desperately looking for a successor who could carry their mission and vision forward. They had very high hopes on RTI.

RTI at a very young age proved that it was indeed the deserving child to its deserving parents. RTI became the friend, philosopher and guide that everyone could rely on. Rural or urban, men or women, poor or rich – RTI was there to help them with everything from their day to day problems to massive corruption in the system. RTI made people more independent and confident as no one was able to empower them like RTI did. RTI went on to pull of some incredible exposes: land mafia to ration mafia, from the bureaucrats to politicians – no one was sparred.

Not so surprisingly, RTI became a thorn in the eyes of many who were trying to manipulate the system to make easy money and who were desperate to wield all the power. They tried to discredit RTI by spreading rumors as to how its all hype, that RTI was not what everyone claims to be, they accused and abused RTI. Even the PM didn’t spare the RTI – he accused RTI of misusing it’s power and did everything in his power to to ban it from the public places under the illegal POTA act.

The weakness
However the people who were closed to transparency and accountability, never let RTI down and fought tooth and nail. While RTI was strong enough to help other, it had it’s only shortcomings. RTI was still a rising star, an amateur at best and an upcoming hero. In this day and age of marketing and advertising where REEL life heroes had more value than REAL life heroes, RTI failed to reach out to the masses. Competing with the Kapoors, the Khans, the Bachans was not easy and unlike the Bollywood super stars it lacked the universal appeal. RTI appealed to only those who knew accountability and transparency and who were friends with RTIs parents. This made RTI extremely vulnerable and made it a soft target.

The Executive Order

The Supreme Court, the very good friend of RTIs parents issued RTI an executive order to take on the powerful and mostly corrupt politicians. Realizing the threat that RTI could pose, the government immediately issued an arrest warrant, a non bailable arrest warrant. But it needed the full support of the parliament to even touch RTI. The parliamentarians wasted no time in coming together and they went a step further and decided that its better to kill RTI than to arrest RTI.

Perfect Crime:
They have come up with a plan to make the perfect crime. Perfect crime because they have decided to kill RTI right on the floor of the parliament, in front of millions of people watching live on television and still go unpunished. And to their advantage and to their liking, our 4th pillar of democracy has become the partner in their crime. With no news coverage of this conspiracy, with no debates and discussions on this conspiracy, the parliamentarians got a free hand to do anything and everything at will. They couldn’t have asked for a better partner in crime.

The activist and other ordinary citizens who were friends with RTI rose to the challenge and are doing everything in their power to get a bail, get RTI out of the clutches of the government and subsequently pull RTI from the jaws of the death.

A few MP’s also stood up and spoke against this, but they are in a minority. RTI was becoming the super hero that India had last seen during the independence strugglewill it happen or will they let it happen or would we strive to make it happen – tomorrow is the D Day that will tell the world whether RTI was born to be killed or born to be the savior!


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