SaveRTI2.0 – Day I

Highlights of the call:

1. Bhupender yadav ( (BJP): would like to register our concerns as an email, so he can collate all of it when the time comes. So have sent the email (

2. Shri Pinaki Misra: Said they will strongly oppose the amendments, in fact, it’s their party’s (BJD) stance as well

3. Gaddigoudar (BJP): Said he personally thinks whatever laws are applicable to the people must be applicable to everyone. We should all call him and stress on the need to saveRTI

4. I also called our youngest MP’s (all of whom were 31 to 43): Disappointed to hear from the Samajwadi MP – Yashvir Singh, that he is awaiting party’s decision and that party has given strict guidelines to not to respond to any queries, no personal opinions to be given out to anyone. When i prodded him further saying that I’ve high hopes on him as he is a young MP, he said, the situation is a bit tensed right now and that he would call me later and talk more about this

Shri Bhupender Yadav B.J.P. Rajya Sabha Spoke to the secretary Manish, who was surprised to know that a concerned citizen was registering his concerns with the MP. Wanted an email so all these concerns can be taken into consideration. MP was busy with Mr Modi’s visit to Jaipur. So please send an email to
Shri D.B. Chandre Gowda B.J.P. Lok Sabha He said he will consider the party’s decision – but when i asked him what his personal opinion was, he said he can’t comment offhand and needed the copy of the bill. I requested him to not amend the bill as this is our only chance to make the parties transparent and accountable
Shri Pinaki Misra B.J.D. Lok Sabha Will oppose the amendments and it’s the party’s decision as well
Shri P.C. Gaddigoudar B.J.P. Lok Sabha The same laws that are applicable for general public should be made applicable for the everybody.
Shri Arjun Ram Meghwal B.J.P. Lok Sabha Not responding
Shri Madhusudan Yadav B.J.P. Lok Sabha Not reachable
Our Young MP’s
Meenakshi Natrajan INC Lok Sabha
Hamdullah Sayeed INC Lok Sabha
Shri Anurag Singh BJP Lok Sabha
Sangrur Vijay Inder Singla INC Lok Sabha I registered my concern with the MP – our only chance to make parties accountable wil be lost, if we amend the RTI. When i asked him for his personal opinion, he said he was in a meeting and wanted me to call back later
Yashvir Singh SP Lok Sabha Has Received strict instructions from the party to not respond to any questions and at first he said he will simply go with the party decision. I further prodded him saying that I had high hopes on him as young MP he would take some stance – to which he said, right now the situation is a bit tense and that he will respond to me later. he took down my number

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