SaveRTI2.0 – Day II

Day II was a bit off – couldn’t get hold of many of the MP’s. But i think something funny happened. I think I might have spoken to Singhviji (i recognize his voice, since I’ve heard him many a times) but then he said Singhviji is not available. When i asked who he was, he said, he was Rajesh and wanted me to send him an email:

I’ve been calling Rahul Gandhi’s office pretty much everyday, may be 20 times thus far. I decided to record it this time. As soon as I call, i get the automated recording welcoming with some prompts. Once i enter (doesn’t really matter which option), it’s a standard response. After 3-4 minutes, i hear any other message saying “All operators are busy and that i should call later”

Dr. Abhishek Manu Singhvi I.N.C. Rajya Sabha Spoke to Mr Rajesh (but i think it was Mr. Sighvi himself – i think). Anyways, asked me to email him
Shri Parimal Nathwani Ind. Rajya Sabha Not available in either of the numbers
Shri Sanjiv Kumar J.M.M. Rajya Sabha Number is busy
Shri Ram Jethmalani Nominated Rajya Sabha
Ms. Anu Aga Nominated Rajya Sabha getting the voice mail
Shri Sukhendu Sekhar Roy A.I.T.C. Rajya Sabha Opposed the RTI amendments
Shri Ramchandra Prasad Singh J.D.(U) Rajya Sabha Number busy
Shri Ram Vilas Paswan L.J.P. Rajya Sabha 98105 55 055 (

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