Moving beyond the (Political) grid lock

Do you know what your local MLA thinks about the current situation? Have you seen your local MLA make any attempts at addressing any of your concerns regarding the current situation? Did you even question your local MLA on what he/she is planning on doing in the current situation? Because amidst all the protests, blackouts, shutdowns, hunger strikes, the political dramas, I see, I read & I hear disruption of the daily lives.

There is a choice – wait till 2014 elections and let the political & administrative discourse take its own course or do something. So I did and I got the list of all the the MLA’s and since I had the list sorted by MLC GRADUATE CONSTITUENCY, MLC TEACHERS CONSTITUENCY, LOCAL AUTHORITIES CONSTITUENCY – I started with MLC graduate Constituency and what a pleasant surprise it was. The call went on for almost 20 minutes.

“Sri M.V.S. SARMA, MLC: This is an artificial division. The center is happy with the current situation because it doesn’t want the states to be strong so they can control and certainly don’t want regional parties to become stronger. All politicians are trying to take advantage and the media is playing to the gallery.

We as part of the Progressive Democratic Front have held 120 meetings in the past 2 months encouraging people to understand the real issues and stay united. Employee organizations, farming communities are all partners of the Progressive Democratic Front.

There are in total 7 candidates from the Progressive Democratic Front who are part of the MLC Graduate Constituency and we are working hard to take this message of unity to everyone. We have even started our own media channel – 10tv with donations collected from almost 2 lakh donors.”

This is definitely a great start to “Moving beyond the grid lock”.

All the numbers are listed here: MLAContacts. If you do call anyone, please log your comment here.

The typical questions I asked were – What is your take on the current situation, what are your trying to do help find resolution, how do you justify ordinary people getting caught in this political drama … so on so forth?


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