The A,B,C’s of Delhi politics

“Bring it on – we are waiting for the elections, we want to vote for AAP”, “AAP has the full support of all of us”, “Are you AAP volunteer (even before I could say who I was), we will definitely vote for AAP”, “We tried other parties now we want to give AAP a chance” – these were some of the typical responses i got from the Delhi voters.

Today was my Day III of Citizen Calling Campaign – a campaign run by AAP connecting the volunteers with the voters. First day I called about 15 voters, second day (over the weekend) I had called 75 voters and today I called 100 voters. In total I have called about 220 voters thus far.

Optimistic about elections:

Never before was I this optimistic about elections, was I this optimistic about supporting politics and never before were the voters themselves optimistic about elections – in fact they were very much looking forward to casting their votes. I had no intentions of calling 100 people today, i wanted to stop after making 20 or so calls. But the enthusiasm of the voters kept me going. Mind you I’m in the east cost and I’ve to wait till at least 11:30pm to start making the calls, but if it’s on a weekend, then the wait gets a little longer.

No matter who the voters were, male, female, everyone who I spoke to said they will vote for AAP. It didn’t matter whether they were out on the roads, busy with their work, or even just waking up, about 70% of the voters answered my calls and more importantly they said they will vote for AAP.

EMC3: Energy, Mission & Citizen Call Campaign:

Truly a unique web interface which provides a real time snapshot of the citizen call campaign.


The interface provides

  • The top callers of the day
  • The top callers of the campaign
  • The country wide number of callers
  • The number of calls made, number of voters for or against AAP

and other useful information from a volunteers perspective. Even though the caller is alone calling from whichever part of the globe, he or she will always find company in other volunteers or at least will find the volunteers who are the top 5 callers of the day. This also acts as a motivation for other volunteers to do more and push themselves a little bit to do that extra bit. There were volunteers who made more than 2000 calls thus far and are still going very strong. The campaign is also indicative of how committed the volunteers are and how badly they want the change. From Bangalore to Delhi; from Mumbai to Pune; from the US to Australia; from Singapore to London; from doctors to engineers; from students to professors, everyone from everywhere joined the cause.

What change do the volunteers want?

A change where political parties stand up for the people because politics is about people, a change where parties become accountable, a change where criminals are kept out of politics, not simply in the jails, a change where parties are transparent and operate with no hidden agendas, a change where parties can unite people and divide – AAP represents all of them. Would it always be this way, yes if we become the stake holders of this change.

The voters in Delhi have tried the “C” – the congress, the “B” – the BJP and now it’s time for the “A” – the AAP. Delhi voters get to see the A,B,C’s of the politics in december and whether A for Aam Aadmi Party becomes the new rhyme will be just a matter of time.


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