It’s just a one hour show

Have the guest lined up on Monday, prepare the interview on Tuesday, complete the interview on Wednesday, get the flyers ready on Thursday, get the YouTube links on Friday and it’s show time on Saturday and Sunday. To get the two weekend shows, this is what the team has to behind the scenes. The only difference is it never happens this way, i meant the sequencing of the tasks leading up to the weekend shows do not happen in such a methodical manner. Why not?

Because the shows on NRI Samay are brought to you by volunteers, because the motive behind them is not for profit it’s entirely for passion, because the only time the volunteers get to work on this after work during the evening on the weekdays, because we are all learning as we go and we are not experts in this & yet (touch wood) we haven’t missed a single interview in almost 2 years i.e. almost 210 interviews.

Sometimes the shows are scheduled just one day before the weekend shows but the team works overtime in making sure that the weekend deadlines of 12:00pm EST are never missed. And there are occasions where even after the interviews are done, the YouTube recordings are not available on YouTube or the flyers are not updated on the website on time and this work tends to pile up over a long time and then the team slogs to get everything back on time. But with every such slippage there are corrective measures taken which include

  • standardizing the process
  • documenting the process
  • sharing and building the expertise
  • building backup’s so we limit the dependency on one person

So for every one hour show there is at least 3-4 hours of work the team puts in or sometimes even more depending on the complexity of the show. You might be thinking what’s the complexity, well there are shows

  • where multiple guests need to be hosted and most of the guests are from India. With no conference facilities the coordination becomes more challenging.
  • where the topics are completely new and as complex as nuclear policies and as difficult as state divisions
  • where the hosts were nervous because of the guest who is being interviewed but somehow we need to show restraint and hide it – and i think the team is getting better at this 🙂


Does anyone listen to these interviews?

May be or may be not. But this is not the primary reason for us to do these interviews, we do the interviews in the hope that the interviews we do, the people whose work we try to highlight will find their audience on their own – if not today may be tomorrow, if not tomorrow, may be the day after, or may be in a few months or years. However, if we do not do it, then there is no such possibility ever. To our pleasant surprise the response also has been very good thus far

237 YouTube subscribers & more than 10,000 hits thus far and may be there are more interesting statistics to prove that we are slowly but surely bringing the people closer to the issues and hopefully creating a platform where people can start engaging with the ground level volunteers, activists, groups & NGO’s.

NRI Samay Impact

There is no real way to measure the impact, but at least, as part of the team interviewing people from various backgrounds championing various causes, we certainly have gained a lot. For instance,

  • when we interviewed Narayanan Krishnan (Akshaya), we didn’t leave it there. We partnered with Akshaya and helped in various fund raising activities
  • when we interviewed Srinivas Ganjivarupu (Journalist), we worked with him in highlighting his work and further promoting by rewarding him with the NRI Samay Impact award
  • when we interviewed Pushpa Basinet (ECDC), we worked with her to help her campaign for the CNN heroes award
  • when we interviewed folk singers on rural issues, we tried to work with them to highlight their work in our capacity
  • sometimes we were approached to provide contacts on certain issues

We hope a similar partnership and engagement can happen with our audience as well and we hope the audience keeps engaging with us, encouraging us to do more.


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