My wish list for the supreme court

Supreme Court gives landmark judgements not just the ones that are progressive but also very regressive & oppressive. But all of its judgements creates a stir, the media gets hooked on to this and so do we.


Blind _Justice

image courtesy: google

So while you are at it, dear Supreme Court, can you also please pass the judgements, only this time,

  • legalize farmer suicides: so they can be legally compensated and further safeguard their families since we are not able to prevent them anyways
  • legalize manual scavenging: so this can be taught as a profession as we are not able to end this in human practice in the past 66 years but we managed to build nuclear reactors
  • legalize marital rapes: so the women can stop feeling abused since it will be the law of the land
  • legalize child marriages: so the young girls are better trained to handle these situations
  • legalize political corruption: so there is a level playing field for everyone and further encourage and innovate new ways of corruption
  • legalize dowry system: so the girls parents can apply for dowry loans which can be paid back when their sons get married

there are many more such landmark judgments that you can give, but this is a good list to work on next and my humble request is please act fast, because there are far too many problems that have been ignored or left unsolved for far too many years. But you seem to have found the solution and that is to

  • make such utterly atrocious judgements
  • attract the media
  • enrage and engage the public
  • eventually something good could time out

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