AAP ke haar Mein bhi Aap ka jeet hein

A retired Brigadier who I work closely with said “I feel ashamed that our generation failed to produce any role model for you are still looking up to the Ambedkars, the Bhagat Singh’s. Our generation failed you“.  This was a couple of years ago when he was reflecting upon the sorry state of affairs and how the political system has failed to address any of the developmental issues. Recently when I spoke to him he said “what happened in Delhi is unprecedented and historic. I didn’t think I would see this in my lifetime“. He was very hopeful and very optimistic about the future ahead of us.

This reaction of the brigadier is in complete contrast to the current mood of the country or at least the one that’s projected in the media and also echoed by some of the experts. AAP’s victory seems to be very short lived and somehow all this seems to be a thing of a past now. Somehow the fact that a nobody from nowhere could come and shook up the political establishment in way that left these parties nowhere, seems to be irrelevant now. Some criticize that AAP is a party of freebies while others criticize AAP is the C team or the B team and some even went on to say that AAP has no future.

While they are entitled to their strong opinions no one can take away from AAP what it achieved within a short span of 1 year or even less. For e.g.

  • young voters taking active part in this process, not just by voting on the election day, but also by participating in the campaign so their party wins – all of it Voluntarily
  • disclosing the election expenditure
  • people driven election manifestos
  • leading by example on punishing the wrong doing within the party
  • empowering people through gram sabha’s

These are some of the things AAP managed to achieve which no other party even attempted to do in the past 60 odd years of independence. But all of these seem to be a distant past now. AAP is now being questioned, critiqued, ridiculed and even harassed primarily

  • for a mandate that the so-called experts and critiques claim is populist
  • for using a process of referendum in arriving at a decision
  • for being leftist, for being socialist, for being idealist and i think even for being optimist

the criticism?

There is a lot of criticism on various issues AAP has taken up but a majority of the criticisms are centered around the electricity tariff’s and free water for those who consume 700 litres on a daily basis or the so called freebies (traditionally these freebies were declared so that the parties can indulge in looting the funds meant to implement these freebies).

Anyways, let’s just cut to the chase and consider the worst case – AAP will fail and will fail miserably in delivering on both these promises. One thing that is sure about AAP is that they will make a valiant effort to stop the corruption, fix the loop holes, audit the systems, establish transparency, all of which have never been done before.  Just by attempting to make all these changes AAP is bound to challenge the status quo just like how it challenged the political equation in Delhi. You don’t have to believe me, just have to give AAP a chance to work at it’s manifesto. And in the process if AAP fails, the people are still going to win, because AAP will fail in the process of doing something good to the people. This is why “AAP ke haar Mein bhi, Aap ka jeet hein”!

So instead of criticizing AAP and undermining it’s abilities to govern, undermining it’s intentions, rejecting them as complete amateurs , let AAP work and if we can, lets work with AAP to make it better and stronger or for that matter work with anyone who has good intentions to work for the people and work with the people. Remember, AAP came to govern the people not to rule them.

On a lighter note:

  • Dr Harsh Vardhan of all the people should thank AAP for if it not for AAP’s entry into politics, he would have never become the BJP’s candidate for Delhi
  • Congress should thank AAP for finally taking out Sheila Dikshit for they were getting tired of her – what else can explain Sheila Dikshit complaining about no support from Congress after she lost the elections

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