AAP’s water at no cost – The Rocket Science behind it

Countries fought, states became hostile, people turned enemies – all for Ek boondh Paani Ki liye. How in the world could AAP, the 2 days old government whose ministers have no experience whatsoever, managed to give 900 liters of water for free. The way they did this is very complicated and involved lot of number crunching, breaking down complex algorithms, a multi man year collaboration of scientific efforts, analysis, studies & research. Basically what AAP did was rocket science and so very hard to comprehend

Rocket Science behind AAP’s free water policy

As per the Delhi Jal Board 2013 data
Total number of connections: 17 lakh odd domestic connections
9 lakh use upto 20,000 liters per month

The very scientific calculations calculated as per 2013 tariff

For 700 litres per day per connection water free, the cost had been calculated as Rs. 370.1 crore with exemption for sewer charges.

Up to 1000 litres per day per connection consumption, the bill was roughly 200 crore

for more than 1000 litre per day per connection consumption, the bill was roughly Rs. 300 crore.

So bottom line is after giving the water for free for the 9 lakh consumers who consume less than 20k liters a month, Delhi Jal Board will have 130 crores left

source: http://www.hindustantimes.com/specials/coverage/myindia-myvote/chunk-ht-ui-myindiamyvote-delhi/how-the-aap-govt-managed-to-keep-its-poll-promise/sp-article10-1167870.aspx

1) at the moment only those consumers who have the meters will be eligible for the free water scheme
2) the economics of this will be revisited after 3 months

Other benefits of this program: There could be others, but these are the very obvious ones. No need to research or no need for any scientific data to prove this

1) Standardizing water distributions: if one has to avail the free water, one has to get the water meter installed, so in a way people will be forced to. Does this mean this will not result in malpractices, cheating, tampering with the meter reading etc. absolutely. But given the zero tolerance towards corruption attitude with which AAP is working, be it the neta or the aam aadmi both could be measured with the same yard stick.
Also the toll free number to report corruption will come in handy in ensuring a fair deal for everyone.

2) Controlling water usage: since there is incentive for consuming less water, people might pay close attention to how much they actually need and how much they actually spend

Why should anything be free?
If one has to compete in this cut throat competitive world, one needs to have a level playing field and have access to opportunities just like any average middle class person has. This can only happen when one need not worry about the basic amenities so one can put in the effort where it’s required. No effort should be spent in walking miles or waiting hours for safe drinking water and if this is made available free of cost, where one earns only a few thousand rupees, this will indeed be a game changer.


source: thehindu.com

So the system doesn’t have any loopholes or other pit falls:
It could, the onus is on us to ensure that it’s corrected if it’s wrong, it’s reported if it’s illegal, it’s punished if it’s guilty. One good thing about this program is that right from the get go, it’s transparent. AAP has shown the simple economics behind this decision and as time progresses, the real numbers can be compared to the predicted numbers and take this forward. This is unlike other govt programs where things operate in complete vacuum and sometimes even an RTI activist finds it hard to dig through the information, even when it’s provided.

Criticism is must, so let there be, for it allows one to introspect and correct if need be. Likewise humility is also a must, so where things go as per the plan, one should humbly acknowledge it and accept it.

I’m no expert and I might have over simplified things, but I didn’t find any reason to complicate it either 🙂


4 thoughts on “AAP’s water at no cost – The Rocket Science behind it

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  1. FREE logic is stupid thing, let them earn and pay and create environment to earn sufficient. FREE logic with riders is too bad, Why should we punish the people who are earning decent and paying taxes already (IT etc).

    Stupid electoral politics, I do not see any positive side for this. AP has experienced enough of this official bribing (it is nothing but bribing people to vote for them again or something like that) so AAP fighting corruption is bribing the people in the name of the FREE things. And see whom they are targeting. They are targeting the majority of the voters :-).

  2. Harinath,

    Happy New Year 2014. Just reflect a little bit and observe the change that hopefully will sweep the nation, notwithstanding the Jadhu pun. Think of AAP like a club of aam aadmis and aurats and of course the club should and can do whatever helps the club members. Think of the immense benefits that water conservation will bring (if you consume more than the quota, then please pay the full price); Most of the marginal families will switch to conservation. Coupled with simple techniques of rain harvesting and plugging in the wastage (especially the industrial consumer loopholes), millions will be free from water-borne diseases.

    The implication of your comment (I am guessing here) is that AAP will turn out like any other party after getting the votes and winning the election and then it is business as usual. For India’s sake I hope you are wrong and I love India.


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