We have blood on our hands

May be it’s the British who taught us to take everything lying down or may be it’s what we have inherited from our ancestors that we are always submissive or may be these are just excuses. Whatever may be the case we have great tolerance levels that makes us completely indifferent to the immense suffering that’s prevalent in the society. So we don’t care if someone

  • is beaten up in the middle of the road
  • is bullied or harassed
  • is in financial distress or any other kinds of problems
  • is killed in broad day light

because that someone is not me nor my family and we’ve my own problems, my own worries, my own responsibilities. And even when we want to do something, we might have other excuses such as we’re too small a person to do anything. 

This is no exaggeration. Just look at what happened in the last week of December 2013 in Kolkatta. A young girl is raped once, raped twice and then brutally killed. This was no accident, our indifference to what has happening around us, created an environment where the guilty knew they would not be punished and eventually leading to this situation.

How is it that a few good for nothing goons are hired by a political party to run their campaign –  it’s quite simple. We were least bothered about the way in which the politics is conducted in our country. This indifference is nothing but an acceptance on our part which allows such social miscreants take the position of a political messiah. Eventually they assume so much power that even the law and order is  at their mercy.

It’s this sheer power and our collective acceptance that has in a way led them to commit these heinous crimes because they know no one will question them and no one will punish them. They feel it’s their right to abuse and assault and it’s our duty to take it lying down because we are so good at it and so obedient as well. So in a way it’s not them who killed the young girl but by being passive we allowed them to do so.

If we don’t change our attitude towards the suffering surrounding us, if we don’t question the wrong that’s happening around us & if we don’t stand up and fight for the justice – then this brutality & crime will stop at nothing.

Lets not leave the girls family alone and a few activists to fight for the justice. This is our collective responsibility as well. A lot can be done no matter who we are and where we are. Here are some of the things that are being planned for as we speak

  • A global vigil in protest of this in human behavior – this not only helps create awareness but also if done together can attract the media their by giving more importance to this fight
  • Engage with the local police authorities
  • Escalate to the local MLA’s/MP’s
  • Tweet the MLA’s/MP’s – let them know that this is not an isolated issue and that we care about this
  • Call the MLA/MP’s
  • or any other suggestion you may have, but lets make an effort – it’s too painful to see someone loosing their loved ones in such a brutal manner

More details on The incident:

A plea from the father: Fathers-plea-2 Fathers-plea-1



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