My name is Bhopal Gas Disaster

I was born in the early hours of dec 3rd 1984. I was born to an inconvenient arrangement between the then Union carbide (now Dow chemicals) and the Madhya Pradesh government. People say when I was born I destroyed the entire city of Bhopal and that i didn’t spare kids, women, old, didn’t spare anybody. Not only that, people also said, I posed even a greater threat to the future generations.

Needless to say both union carbide and the Madhya Pradesh government abandoned me and they left me hoping that I would die my own death. Who would have thought I would be still alive even after 29 years, I certainly didn’t think and neither did I want to live that long. I wanted to die as soon as I realized the gravity of the destruction I caused for that was the only way I could have paid the price for the destruction I caused. But I’m still alive and still killing people.

It’s not like nobody is trying to stop me. The victims, the survivors and other activist friends have been fighting legally, in fact fighting from the day I was born, to put an end to my misery. This is where things got stuck. The people want to pursue my death through legal means but my illegal parents wouldn’t allow it since that would mean they had to accept me as their legitimate child which would automatically imply a much greater consequence and could also result in their downfall. They were arrogant, irresponsible, reckless when they came together and now they have also become cowards, spineless with no sense of remorse.

Things would have been different if at least one of my parents stood up for me and taken moral responsibility. Look at my cousin, the BP disaster, who died within a short span of time because, the US, one of its parents made sure BP paid for its mistakes and made it do everything to settle the scores. The US became the defender and put all its power behind the peoples fight and fought the British.

In my case, one parent is too weak to do anything and the other is too powerful to bow down.

And so my misery continues and I continue to harm people. I just hope I die before I become one more year older and I hope I will be remembered for how relationships established on no responsibilities and accountabilities can turn into utter disasters. How do I know? I know it because I’m one of the living examples of the worst disasters the modern day world has seen. My name is Bhopal Gas Disaster and am sorry I was ever born.



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