the phenomenon called AAParchy

  • Anarchy is when the Babri Masjid was demolished and all the CM’s were in stand by mode
  • Anarchy is when the riots in Gujarat happened and the entire state machinery was helpless
  • Anarchy is when the Sikh riots happened and the CM, the PM and every one else connected failed miserably
  • Anarchy is when emergency was declared
  • Anarchy is when the tribals were getting displaced and deprived of their livelihood all in the name of development
  • Anarchy is when Soni Sori was raped & abused by the same police who were supposed to protect
  • Anarchy is when the Media for the sake of TRP ratings live telecasted (although later it claimed to be 30 mins delayed) the Black ops during Mumbai terrorist attack
  • Anarchy is when the think tank, the scientists, the research analysts, the policy makers, the visionaries, all put together cannot solve the malnutrition problem of 3 year old
  • Anarchy is when the Bhopal Gas Tragedy happened right in front of everyone and the justice is being denied even after 29 long years
  • Anarchy is when the farmers commit suicide just because they can’t afford a meagre 20,000 rupees and the state doesn’t do anything other than preparing statistics.
  • Anarchy is when even the resources meant for disaster relief are siphoned off shamelessly
  • Anarchy is when the bofors happened, the 2G happened, the Adarsh happened, the Hawala happened, the cash for vote happened right on the floor of the house – the CM’s, PM’s, the ministers were all involved

If we didn’t raise our voice then, if we didn’t rise to protest then, if we didn’t try to stop then, then what moral right do we have to question what AAP is trying to do in Delhi especially when they are trying to force a change that no other govt even attempted to do in all these years. Yes, the methods are unconventional and unlike anything anyone has seen before, but if a mere request/proposal/policy was honored simply based on its legitimacy then the political setup in Delhi wouldn’t be this way and may be AAP would never have happened.

But yes that doesn’t mean whatever AAP is doing must be right or will always be right. There will never be a party that can be fully trusted, if there is anything that can be trusted, then it’s the system the party creates to make sure it stays true to it’s beliefs and principles and people are people. Just like how there are good people or good behavior in other parties there will be bad people or bad behavior in AAP as well.

For e.g. Kumar Vishwas low opinion of women should be condemned in the strongest terms, Somnath Bharathi’s handling of the Ugandan episode is questionable and must be criticized so that he learns and rectifies his mistakes, it’s policies for the women where it relies on community policing and other kinds of policing forgetting about the real reasons of the education, lack of awareness must be criticized so they can improve. For their policy decisions such as water, electricity, FDI etc, we must remember that these are heavily debatable depending on whose research or analysis one is relying on, but the good thing about these being implemented in Delhi is that these programs are being transparent with an option to evaluate.

AAP also has declared that all it’s ministers will be evaluated and will have a report card to asses how they did, how each one of them did, so these policy decisions, whether they hurt someone or help someone is just a matter of time.

Right now they are under the scanner, everything they do or don’t do, everything they say or don’t say, they are being overtly criticized for. AAP’s victory in Delhi has brought in a change in the political system for which we waited 60 years and when the victory did come we are getting so impatient with it that we want to destroy it before it can even stand on its feet forget about even sustaining and growing from here. It’s in the interest of the traditional parties that AAP loses and hence are being charged of AAParchy (don’t know what else to name this phenomena) where AAP bashing has become a fashion, creating controversies has become a daily news not breaking news anymore. 

If AAP looses it’s not just AAP’s loss, it’s a loss for the hope that change is possible and can happen. So if anything we must fight for keeping AAP clean, keeping them grounded, keeping them true to their principles and agenda.


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