My toughest day of fasting for Bhopal Gas Victims

Today is the 6th Tuesday of fasting. I started this in Dec 2013 and will continue to do so until Dec 2014. I’m doing this along with hundreds of other volunteer friends across the globe in support of the Bhopal Gas Victims. Dec 2014 marks 30 years of this chemical disaster and while disasters have come and gone this one continues to haunt the victims, the survivors and their future generations.

Typical day of fasting:
My fasting is for 24 hours starting from the previous day when I ate last and ending 24 hours later. I drink lots of water,  and orange juice in the afternoon. So this is not fasting in the real sense because I take the juice, it’s just that I don’t eat any solids. My typical day at work includes a 3 hour train commute (multiple trains).

The only difference was today was a snow day too and this made the commute a 5 hour ordeal. Cold weather, heavy winds, commuting problems, long waits, train delays, over crowded trains, snow covered walkways and all other problems related to bad weather. All this was a bit taxing but I decided to keep going. I know this is just the 6th day of my fasting but it’s been the toughest so far.

Why did i keep going?
Simple, I told myself, if just a day of fasting could do this, make me feel a bit unhealthy, imagine the plight of all the victims and the survivors for they have been hundred times more miserable and not for just one day but for decades together. The worst part is that there is still not end to this suffering or at least not yet.

This initiative to do the Global Fasting  for Bhopal Gas Victims reminds us of how unjust our system is i.e. the political as well as the judicial system The victims are still fighting for basic rights – access to health care, access to clean water, safe surroundings and clean up of the disaster site. Is this too much to ask for? In these 29 years they have tried everything in their capacity and they are still trying. At least now we must wake up to their grave injustice and join in their efforts.

So the global relay fasting is in a way trying to create awareness that Bhopal is still around and so are it’s victims and when this relay fasting ends in dec 2014, many people would have joined the effort. So many people that it’s big enough to create a splash that catches the attention of the media, the press and most importantly the government.

Please join us in the efforts:




Please share &  spread the word

Please join us if you can


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