Telugu organizations, are they really for telugu people?

Thanks to the politics of manipulation and power abuse, the division of state has snowballed into division of people setting a much more dangerous trend. Both the ruling parties and the opposition are doing everything in their capacity to maintain the status quo because it’s in their best interest to do so, since they can then use this to claim anything and everything during the campaign to get them the votes. And we are falling right into their trap and worse even getting highly polarized and divided in the process.

It’s not like no one is doing anything to allay the tempers and bring back some sanity to the situation, but it’s not enough. These are extra ordinary situations and must require extra ordinary efforts not just by a select minority but by a more determined majority. And this is exactly the vacuum that the mighty Telugu organizations such as TANA, NATS, ATA and so on so forth, can help fill in. Why do I say, mighty?

Because they have the resources, they have the reach, they have the name, they have the contacts and more importantly they have the money. Nothing is stopping them from

  • promoting each others cultures, giving space to each other
  • having political discourse and debates
  • influencing the politicians on either side to stop playing politics and talk what can be done to move forward
  • doing more to unite the people and make them appreciate the unity despite the diversity
  • engaging with political leaders back home in India

But they are non profit cultural organizations?
Among other things the culture is also about living in harmony and respecting each other for who we are and no matter how different we are . And if this very fundamental aspect of the culture is being threatened, wouldn’t it warrant these organizations to do something to help address this matter. Why can’t these organizations introspect, set aside their egos at least now and come together on one platform, still retaining their identities (although I would like them to let go off this) and engage in creating an environment where people from different regions can work together and contribute towards something bigger, instead of just being cultural organizations for namesake.

Why do I think they are not doing enough?
At least I haven’t seen anything happen in New Jersey where this kind of a unified platform was created to engage in anything constructive or even any attempt was made on these lines. On the contrary, I’ve seen new organizations form  based on whether they are for united Andhra or for separate Telangana with each pursing their own goals, which is still fine but there is no dialogue between the two and each are acting as if the other doesn’t even exist or doesn’t even matter. And this is the dialogue which is lacking, between parties back home and it’s lacking here between the different organizations.

What is the point of having so many organizations, so many volunteers and so many members spend so many man hours, effort and time to do whatever they are doing, if they cannot respect and care for each other.

But is this too late?

Yes it is late for TANA, NATA, NATS, ATA .. ABC, XYZ etc. to try and do something about the situation. But then again, it’s better late than never and it’s better doing something than nothing. It’s time these organizations lead by example and show that these Telugu, our Telugu organizations are really meant for the Telugu People.

If it turns out that I’m misinformed or i don’t know about their efforts, then i will be more than happy to admit my mistake and  join any such efforts to keep the people together no matter what happens with the physical boundaries.


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