Day I: Call-A-Thon for passing Whistleblower protection Act

Day I: Call-A-Thon for passing Whistleblower protection Act

1) Called Arun Jaitley from BJP – No response
2) Sandeep dikshit from Congress – No response
3) Sushma Swara from BJP – Number didn’t go through
4) V Narayana Swamy – Congress – Spoke to him for less than 2 minutes. He said the party was very determined to pass the bill. I further insisted it will be great if the party sticks to it’s stance since the bill was stuck in the parliament for 3 years now.

Tweeted @arunjaitley, @sushmaswaraj and a few other leaders with the below tweets
@arunjaitley Constitution gave Right 2 freedom & forgot the Right 2 be protected. can u pass the #whistleBlower bill

Here are a few numbers to call
V Narayansamy, (011) 23794523, (R) 9910190999 (M)
Kamal Nath, (011) 23063495, 23061162 (O)
Sachin Pilot, (011) 230738904, 23073805, 23073806 (O) 
Scindia, 9868180692 (M)
Milind Deora, 23373346, 23372247 (O)
Kumari Selja (011) 23381001, 23381390 (O)  
Meira Kumar (speaker),  (011) 23014011, 23014022
Jairam Ramesh, 9868181402, 9868181302
Rajeev Shukla, 9868181703, 9013181282
Abhishek Manu Singhvi. 9810027705

Will continue the call-a-thon and tweet-a-thon for the next week or so


2 thoughts on “Day I: Call-A-Thon for passing Whistleblower protection Act

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  1. 1) Spoke to Sandeep Dixit’s secretary. Saab busy hai. Tried again in about an hour, didn’t get through.
    2) Kumari Selja – Connected to 23381390 but was asked to call 23018269, didn’t get through to second number.
    3) Ravi Shankar Prasad, Raguvansh Prasad Singh, Scindia – No response.
    4) Sachin Pilot – secretary said he is not in town, asked to call tomorrow.

  2. tweeted and called.

    abhishek Manu singvi: spoke to him he gave an email to email the grievance to him:
    narayana swamy mobile did not pick
    kamal nath called 23061162 and they gave 23017780 they said he is in meeting, asked to call back on home number at 2 pm
    scindia did not pick
    jairam ramesh, 1st number doesnot exist, 2nd did not pick
    rajeev shukla 1st number did not exist, 2nd was not connecting

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