Daddy it’s tuesday, fasting day

This tuesday fasting was extra special since now it has become a family affair. My daughter reminded me on Monday night that Tuesday was my fasting day and later on wednesday she asked me again if I had fasted on the day before.


How did she know about this?

Given that this was the 8th day of fasting, it was only a matter of time before my daughter asked me why i was doing this. So i decided to tell the story as part of the bedtime stories.

the Story

Me: There was a little boy named Gopi who was having a tough time sleeping after a long day. His mother sat next to him and showed him the stars in the night and sang

My daughter: Twinkle Twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are, up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky

Me: Gopi was still not sleeping. Then his mother said that he has to wake up early in the morning and get ready for school. If he is late, then the school bus would not take him around the town (pause)

My daughter: Wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round , round and round all through the town

Me: Gopi said, but it’s winter (Dec 2nd) amma and i can’t get up early in the morning. Then Gopi’s mom said, “Don’t worry Gopi, you can wear the sweater which we bought from the man who had the black sheep” (pause)

My daughter: Baba black sheep have you any wool …

Me: Gopi then asked, but amma, what would i have for breakfast early in the morning. Well you can have some fresh buns

My daughter: Hot cross buns, hot cross buns  …

Me: And then Gopi went to bed, so did his mother, father, brother and his grand parents. But they never woke up again.

My daughter: What do you mean?

Me: There was a factory (which makes stuff) near by and it had an accident. All the poisonous gasses got leaked and filled up Gopi’s house. Gopi inhaled the gasses and it hurt him very bad. He coughed and vomited and got very sick, so sick that he died. No one in her entire family woke up after that night. His entire family died that night.

My daughter: (She didn’t ask me any questions)

Me: Just like Gopi, there were many kids who died and then there were many kids who got very sick. I’m fasting so that more people know about what happened on Dec 2nd-3rd 1984, so we can get more money for the people, so they can go to the doctor.

My daughter: Then why can’t we all do fasting, there will be 3 more people.

Me: I smiled at her and wished if it were that simple :-).

And now she remembers that Tuesday is the fasting day and she even started reminding me that i’ve to fast on Tuesdays.

To sign up for the global solidarity fast for Bhopal:


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