India a RIOT free country

I prayed as sincerely as I could, I prayed till I couldn’t pray anymore

I screamed as loud as I could, I screamed till I couldn’t scream anymore

I begged as much as I could, I begged till I couldn’t beg anymore

I cried as desperately as I could, I cried till I couldn’t cry anymore

I ran as fast I could, I ran till I couldn’t run anymore

I crawled as fast as I could, I crawled till I couldn’t crawl anymore

I resisted as fiercely as I could, I resisted till I couldn’t resist anymore

I fought as hard as I could, I fought till I couldn’t fight anymore

but I wasn’t spared

I was cut; I was stabbed; I was burned; I was  shot; I was mutilated; I was raped; I was amputated; I was strangled; I was killed; I was murdered; I was butchered – my throat was slit, my eyes were gorged; my tongue was chopped off; my kids were cut into pieces; my wife was raped in front of me; my husband was butchered in front of me; my parents were burnt alive

and when I was spared

I was victimized; I was marginalized; I was humiliated; I was insulted; I was I was abused; I was accused; I was jailed; I was left to die anyways

and Who Am I?

How does it matter which RIOT i belong to, I’m a riot victim who doesn’t exist. And I don’t exist because RIOTs never happen in India and that’s why no system stopped me from getting killed, no system delivered justice for me, no system was able  to rehabilitate me, no system was able to empathize with me. Just like how India is declared POLIO free, very soon, it will be declared a RIOT free country. They never happened, they are not happening now and they will never happen ever again.

As long as we are indifferent, as long as we find means to justify, as long as we find reasons to compromise, RIOTs can never happen in India – our politicians, our judiciary, our law and order, our media have successfully busted this myth time and again.


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