my idea for a manifesto

This is merely an attempt to highlight what I learnt over many years of volunteering. While i’m still learning and trying to understand the complex nature of these issues, my idea of what should be included in a manifesto is implementing a few simple things in each one of the areas below.

Citizen Empowerment: The citizens must be empowered to not only solve their own problems/issues but also empowered to make their elected leaders accountable and deliver on their manifesto (wherever applicable – not all promises on manifesto are deliverable)

  • Promote Right to Information act, encourage RTI and help strengthen RTI
    • political parties should be brought under RTI
  • Citizen charters & Grievance redressal system
  • Whistleblower protection act
  • Involve citizens in decision making process
  • Make elected representatives accountable
    • candidates to publish their report cards every 1 year and give access to citizens to questions/suggestions etc
  • Bring elected officials under the purview of an anti corruption bill

Women: Women in the society have been subjected to great discrimination which is probably greater than any other forms of discrimination. Hence there must be a conscious effort to help change this. The change must begin from the men, the society, the educational institutions, the work places, police stations, judiciary, the urban, the rural etc

  • Implement a zero sexual harassment program (please read more)
  • Focus more on education and awareness along with changes in law and order

Health Care:  Set up a hospital if not physical at least a remote (using technology) which can serve the local villages. There must be at least one such medical clinic with basic facilities for every 200 people. These facilities should also serve to create awareness about sanitation & health care prevention.

  • Technology should be exploited in such a way that health care, most importantly preventive health care is made accessible to the most remote villages
  • Focus must be emphasized not just on maintaining clean households, but also clean neighborhoods & societies
  • Proper garbage management


  • Recognize women farmers
  • Use the latest technological advancements in tracking weather conditions, market conditions and making this information available at the finger tips of the farmers
  • Establish helplines for the farmers where they could interact with other farmers, experts, agricultural students etc in order to talk about issues, share their burden or reach out in dire conditions
  • Promote and reward grass root innovations in all aspects of agriculture
  • Establish support system for organic farming
  • Create knowledge sharing platforms for the farmers
  • Make farmers the stake holders in the policy making decisions, if they can manage everything from sowing the seeds in the soil to finally selling the produce in the market, they also know what is  working in their advantage and what isn’t
  • Land acquisition act
  • Replicate Amul’s structure in agriculture as well which focusses on
    • local produce reaching to local consumers
    • storage and distribution
    • food processing and exporting agriculture produce

Education:  Make education not only affordable and qualitative

  • Strive for value based education
  • Private schools to reserve a certain percentage of seats for the weaker economy section – this is to encourage a culture where kids from different social status can share and learn together, their by reducing the class divide
  • Make toilets compulsory in all schools
  • Auditing of the schools must be made compulsory where not only the kids performance is evaluated but also the teachers, the parents and the community
  • Make the parents, the teachers, community all responsible for the kids education – there are many socially and financially viable educational models
  • Revive the curriculum to reflect the current socio, political and economical situations

Electoral Reforms: 

  • Voter registrations must be made voter friendly and made very convenient and very accessible. This should be done not before elections but must be an ongoing process, every 2 years or so
  • Electoral data clean up
  • Nominations must be filed at least 3 months before the election dates: It’s equally important that the people in the constituency must know their candidates well in advance so they can make an informed choice
  • Manifesto’s must be declared at least 3 months before the election dates
  • Debates on issues among the various candidates must be made compulsory
  • Constituency performance, report cards must be published on an annual basis – proper metrics must be available to measure the candidates performance

What i still need to cover is – i don’t have enough knowledge yet, but am working on this

1) Tribals: Protect their land, their interests, their resources, basically ensure an environment where they don’t feel threatened in their own backyard

2) Migrant labors

3) Small scale industries

4) Manual intensive labor

5) Jobs, Entrepreneurs, Innovators



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