If Vote was a Person

This was the bed time story I was telling my daughter, poor thing, even she couldn’t escape from the madness of the Indian elections 🙂

My daughter: why the story on vote?
Me: I said it’s the biggest thing happening in india right now, so it’s important to know what they are doing and why?

Me: do you know what a vote means?
My daughter: yes, if we need to pick something from 2 or 3, then we vote

Me: ok great, imagine if there were two people wanting to become the president and if Vote was a person, then the two presidents, let’s call them One and Two, will try to be nice to the person Vote.
One will be very friendly with Vote, take Vote for dinner, lunch, movie etc and try to be very friendly so Vote likes One
Two says he will build nice schools, parks, museums and do something for the people
So who do you think Vote will like
My daughter: Vote will like Two because he is doing something to help people

Me: I said that’s a very good answer and added that whole One is being nice to Vote, it’s only for a few days. So you are right

Me: I asked my daughter again, imagine, if Two becomes the president but doesn’t build the roads, the parks, the museums etc that he promised, then what will you do?

My daughter: She said she will ask Two why and then give Two a second chance. If Two still doesn’t do anything, then she said, she would complain to the police

Moral of the story: Be it the president or the local corporator, if they fail to deliver, they need to be questioned, they need to be asked why and even complaint to the police (in my daughters words)

I wish the EC takes a note of this too, oh but first they just have to get the basics right – the voters data right

I wish all of us take a note of this – question and question and more questioning. No single person has the ability to bring the change, it’s a collective responsibility


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