Wake up Cid (Citizen of Indian democracy)

I enjoyed playing gully cricket – but when the same gully became filthy I refused to clean it up – instead I stopped going there

I enjoyed the drinking water from the nearby borewell, but when the ground water depleted, I didn’t try to take measures to renew it – instead I started buying water 

I took the colony bus to my college but when a part of a road was damaged due to flooding, I didn’t care to get it fixed – instead I just chose to stop using the bus

I always loved the idea of free food served at the temple during dushera celebrations but when the kids from the slums wanted to, they were denied the food – instead of asking why, I just looked the other way

I was furious when my friends sister was being teased at a bus stop, when it was someone else’s sister, I didn’t react at all – instead I just stood as a silent spectator

I admired jadeja, the cricketer, who later was banned. I despised him for getting so corrupt, but I paid the DMV for my drivers license – instead of following the rules of the game

I donate money to the temple on almost every visit, but when I see a homeless almost every day asking for food, I never donated – instead I completely ignored

When my neighbors daughter was brutally killed by her in-laws for not giving the dowry, I could never understand how someone can be that inhuman, but when it was my turn I took the dowry – instead of fighting back i succumbed to my parents pressure

If I alone cannot change, if I alone cannot be truthful, if I alone cannot be responsible, if I alone cannot be empathetic – I cannot expect others around me to change to be truthful to be responsible to be empathetic


4 thoughts on “Wake up Cid (Citizen of Indian democracy)

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  1. Wonderful Suresh. Very true. We, as individuals, should change. The fact is that people are more concerned about their rights than duty. But when it comes to Right to Vote or Right to Information or Right to Education, we do not use them effectively.

  2. Really fantastic…..i know the base line but the way you described is really thought provoking.ill just do what you said.handsoff to you

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