It takes 2 to tango

Credit should go to the great team work of Rahul Gandhi and Manmohan Singh who complemented each other in their efforts to make sure Congress not only doesn’t win but gets completely decimated and destroyed. They managed to do what no opposition party could mange to do – push them to a point of no return

On a serious note though BJP’s victory is unprecedented and Modi certainly played a huge role in making this happen. Congratulations on a successful campaign. BJP can now create history now by showing the country what a fully stable government can deliver.

1) They can bring closure to the long standing issues of injustice such as

Bhopal Gas Victims: BJP is now in power both at the state and the center
The Sikh riots and the Gujarat riots: Deliver justice and help the victims heal and more importantly help them move on.

Don’t want another generation to be talking about these riots

2) Pending legislations/Strengthening of institutions

strengthening RTI
Bring political parties under RTI
Strengthen lokayukta’s
Police reforms: although is a state matter, with more Bjp state governments, it can set an example

Citizens must be empowered to continue participation so there can be accountability and good governance

3) Farmers: Let Punjab be known for soldiers and farmers and not for the cancer trains, let vidarbha be not the capital for highest farmer suicides but the capital for highest cotton production

4) Issues of sexual harassment: let there be more focus on educating and sensitizing men and stop protecting women. Education @ schools, colleges, universities, work etc

5) Law and Order: let the police and judiciary have more autonomy and more power. Let them be away from the clutches of the politicians

6) Electoral reforms: The words dynasty, corruption and crime must not be associated with elections any more. Crores of money has been wasted in mud slinging, lavish campaigning, buying votes etc, this has to stop. Elections should serve as a platform for everyone with a level playing field

7) development, infrastructure, modernization – I think these are already top on BJP’s list. Only thing is when bridges are built, the people living under the bridges must also been taken care of

8) Ruralization: I know there is no such thing as a rural-i-zation, but the rural villages should be made self sustainable with equal opportunities and reducing the need for people to migrate to cities for their basic necessities.

The above is just a preview of a political ignorant’s view of what a full mandate can do. So this is my beginners list and hope to keep pursuing and probing in this direction. Make sure you have yours too 🙂

Rahul and Modi won it for the BJP. Likewise to make BJP deliver on a full mandate it has be a conscious effort from the people and the government – it takes two to tango


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