A letter to the Chief Election Commissioner

Subject: Request for 2 important election reforms

Dear Mr Sampath

Very many congratulations on conducting a fair elections across the length and breadth of the country. From announcing the election dates to regulating the election campaigns, you and your entire team have done a tremendous job.

Continuing this great work and looking ahead at 2019, the below mentioned reforms could really help make the elections more meaningful.

  • Declare candidates 3 months before the elections: This will allow the people to know their candidates well in advance
  • Release election manifesto’s 3 months before the elections: This will allow a proper debate and discussion on the manifesto

Please accept this as a formal request and kindly let us know if these reforms can be adopted by the election commission. If not, please let us know what is the formal procedure to bring about these reforms.


<Your Name>

Mr Sampath’s email: vs.sampath@eci.gov.in

My email: suresh.e@gmail.com


3 thoughts on “A letter to the Chief Election Commissioner

Add yours

  1. An MLA and MP Contestants has to be living in the Constituency, where he is filing his nomination from for at least 1 year. What is the user of MLA/MP if not a local person, how will he know what are the problems of the people. This One year preiod is required for the person to know his constituents and interact with them.

  2. Once Contestants identified and nominated with their criminal and property records; there need to make arrangement to get them verified and provide feedback by respective government officials (may be law,police and income tax dept) .. So public can know the genuine of the candidates information provided.

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