2 minutes of horror

In a familiar city, in the middle of the street @ 7:00pm

One Day:

My parents couldn’t pick me up since they had to attend a family emergency
This meant I had to rely on my friend to drop me off
Since my friend’s car couldn’t fit in the narrow lane leading to my house, he dropped me at the end of the street
Not a big deal because it’s just a 2 minute walk from there

Yes, just 2 minutes

The moment I got off the car & turned around, I saw two guys standing in the middle of the road.

  • Who are these two strangers, why are they staring at me, why is no one else on the street?
  • what if they approach me
    • stop me
    • touch me
    • abuse me
    • kidnap me
    • rape me

my heart was thumping loudly, my body was trembling with fear, my mind was racing with anxiety, I was breaking down. Heard so many horror stories in the news, couldn’t stop myself

I was fast approaching them, I was able to hear them talk but couldn’t understand a word. I didn’t dare look at them and kept going. I was just about to cross them, I felt someone tripped me and before I realized anything,I was lying on the ground. I turned around with complete shock and I saw one of them trying to bend down towards me

I closed my eyes and just couldn’t believe what was about to happen. My worst nightmare and my worst fears were just moments away from. I was cursing my family for leaving me behind and I was cursing myself.
And then I heard a sane voice – “Are you ok? Do you need help getting up?”

I opened my eyes and to my pleasant surprise they were my neighbors who I never spoken to but have seen them quite a few times and it was a rock that caused me to trip

My name is _____ and I’m _____ years old & I’m lucky to survive the 2 minutes

  • There are hundreds of thousands of kids, girls, women who go through this ordeal and unfortunately they are not as fortunate as the person in the story

Our governments are still talking about women safety, mobile apps to alert the near and dear ones, community policing etc, but when would they start addressing the root problem – education, awareness & mindset. Lets being this change within us, within our family, our community, our society.


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