and the Irony is


I’m a farmer and I work hard to get food on everyone’s plates
but i can hardly feed my family

I’m a woman and i’m worshipped by everyone
but I’m not respected at home

I’m a girl and am an equal contributor to the future of the country
but I constantly have to struggle to see the next day in my life

I’m a child and am rearing to take my first steps
but i’m killed in the womb itself

I’m a tribal and I love to live in harmony with nature
but i’m forced to fight for survival forget about living

I belong to a minority and I want to enjoy the freedom just like the majority
but i’m marginalized and constantly reminded that I’m minority

I was born to a poor family and I deserve the same opportunities as everyone
but not just me, my next generation is also denied these opportunities

I’m a victim -a victim of floods, victim of manmade and natural disasters awaiting relief and awaiting justice
but I’m not just denied justice, I’m also victimized further

and the irony is

I’m a politician elected to serve the people
but i rule to serve my ego and serve my greed

I’m a citizen responsible to fulfill my duties towards the country
but i’m so self absorbed that i spend my entire life for me, myself and my family



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