Sudden Death

I got ready to go to the college. But instead I was kidnapped right in the middle of the road, raped in the vehicle and left to die in an unknown place. My parents kept waiting for my return.

It was a big day for it was supposed to rain. But it didn’t and all my hopes for a successful crop were shattered. No money to pay the money lender, nothing to pay my sons college fees, all I could afford was a pesticide which helped me kill myself. My son who came back from college with the hope to find the money, instead found me dead.

It was the last day of college, I went along with my friends on a picnic. Knowing fully that the water in the lake would never be above knee height, I got in. A minute later I found myself in a bottom less pit filled with gushing water and I fought hard to keep breathing and stay alive but the water was too strong for me. My parents were planning a vacation, instead planned my funeral

I hardly slept the night before for I was going to get married the next day. Went to the nearby saloon for a quick shave and on my way back, the bus ignoring the red light ran over me. I lay injured on the road but no one came to help until death came to my rescue. All the guests mourned my death at the wedding

I was excited to see my mother, to see the world outside for I’ve been my mothers womb for 9 months, actually a little over that. The moment arrived, I was in the warmth of my mother for a brief minute and was separated and separated for good. I never experienced what it’s like to live

And all these are sudden deaths, no one saw this coming. But the conditions leading up to these deaths were not sudden and no these deaths are not my imagination, they are as real as you and me. The only reason why such sudden deaths do not generate the required attention is because it’s not dramatic enough or tragic enough to evoke a public out cry.

But these are happening day in and day out – it’s almost a silent massacre happening right in front of me but no guilty ever gets punished and i somehow reconcile with the situation as if its the fate of the victim.

So what can I do?
I’m very fortunate that I’m still alive and not victim to any of the above
incidents and come to think of the inefficiencies and the callousness of the irresponsible, it could have victimized anyone. In that regards I’m extremely lucky to just be alive and live my life. And moreover I don’t have to struggle like my father did for his education, for his career, he worked hard so I don’t have to do go through the same hardships that he went through.

So this inherently makes it my responsibility to question the wrong doing of some and to fix.
There is no one stopping me from doing this and if I do this then I could at least stop some of these sudden deaths from happening or at the least I could try

What to do?
The question i should ask is not “What to do?” but “How to do?”, then I can certainly start doing something about it.

I could start with asking questions, some very fundamental questions
1) why are government hospitals so badly maintained – what’s lacking?
2) why are there no teachers in government schools?
3) why are roads filled with potholes – where is the tax payer money being spent

But if i just play dead and ignore what happens around me, then I can be the victim one day and all that will be left to do is sympathize for a day, crib and complain about the inefficiencies in the system for a couple of days and after that simply move on – move on until the next victim.


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