Ek Cup Chai – Lets talk farmers

What would happen over a cup of chai? does a discussion over chai be of any use? what’s the point of these drawing room discussions? can anything serious be ever discussed on a cup of chai? how can even these discussions yield any tangible follow ups? – Honestly it doesn’t matter. Worst case even if everything goes wrong, the chai can’t go wrong, so if not anything we would just walk away being friends or becoming friends. And thus started our first “Ek Cup Chai”




  • Who: 4 of us
  • When: On a perfect Sunday evening between 5:00pm to 6:30pm
  • What: winding down a rather busy weekend over a cup of chai talking about farmers

Yes, i know it doesn’t sound exciting, it doesn’t sound poetic, it doesn’t sound dramatic either. But it doesn’t have to be any of those to have just “Ek Cup Chai“.

That’s exactly what we did – Sireesha (my wife), Deepak, Srini and Suri (me) started a casual conversation. No introductions, no slides shows, no power point presentations, just experiences, perspectives is how we all started. Some takeaways from the chai talk on the topic of “Lets talk farmers

  • Reach out to the NRI community more aggressively using the medium of television and radio
  • Brainstorming on how to the independence day parade can be used to spread the word
  • On how Suicide Tracker, the mobile App, can help with recording the data – to follow up with mock up screens and come up with a firm timeline to make this a reality
  • Work on organizing a farmers awareness month
  • Arrange for a field trip to the farm fields as an education trip
  • Participate on more awareness related initiatives to help spread the word

A very good way to end the weekend – a masala chai followed by some concrete follow up action items for the week ahead.

When is the next “Ek Cup Chai” and what is the topic – well only time will tell 🙂


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